Monday Open Thread 8/15/16

Timelapse of an exploded star, from the Hubble Space Telescope.


43 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread 8/15/16

  1. “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    – Douglas Adams 🙂

    • Just watched the whole thing on C&L, OMG what a classic groupthunk. I loved the transgender bathroom NRA fest, but the testimonials were the bomb.

  2. Two different articles about the same thing:

    This could explain some things, but would also demand explanations of other things.

  3. So, HairDrumpf’s latest double, no cubed down version of his anti-immigration plan is to test everyone who is a darker shade of brown than his hair…and a few comments from folks.
    “You’re going to test everyone who comes in?” Leopold continued incredulously. “Do you have any idea how much that would cost and how massively disruptive that would be? It would break the system.”
    Not so, says I!
    Not when there’s the RUC-I-Know-What-You’re-Thinkerating machine!
    For the paltry amount of only five $200,000 payments, payable in cash, money orders or DumpTrump Hats, you can own this incredible machine that will tell you exactly what the wearer of the one sleaze fits all headset is thinking, or perhaps drinking…Rush your order right now!

  4. Squirrel steals GoPro, climbs tree, etc, (I figure Wayne would have got this later, in a tweet.)

    • Its very dangerous stuff this – he is blowing a big fookin’ dog whistle that his ‘second amendment people’ can do their thing the day after the election …. and the GOP establishment is cravenly keeping stumm while all this goes on….. gutless shites all of them (well I’ve seen a few come out on this – not many).

    • Yup I saw that and his 30 minutes of drooling and stammering in front of Jake Tapper I think.. ….. FTGS … stick a fork in him….

  5. Kind of hate to tack on to the end of yesterday’s thread, but couldn’t suppress my glee and need to share this one, filed under ‘What could possibly go wronger?’
    Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates

    As if the misogynist in Chief needed any help being a bigger asshole that he already is, he probably doesn’t need any advice from what Ailes him on any debate subject except harassing female staffers.

  6. Longtime political show host John McLaughlin dead at 89

    John McLaughlin, the longtime host of “The McLaughlin Group,” has died at age 89, a statement on the show’s Facebook page says.

    The political commentator’s passing comes just days after he missed his first hosting of his eponymous syndicated public affairs program in more than 34 years.

    Pat Buchanan hosted this past weekend on the show. They all wished him well, but no one gave any hints he was terminal.

    • McLaughlin and his ilk were the type who equated loud with correct. To be perfectly honest, the show was rather pointless and served no useful purpose. It turned political discourse in this country into a shouting match of extremists on each side who never once sought to find common ground and find where their differences lie. They can honor the country by canceling that show and all others like it.

    • All that one needs to know about “The McLaghlin Group” is the fact that their very first guest host was, noted racist POS, Pat Buchanan.

    • “C**kpunch for a Mr Hannity! I have a c**kpunch here for a Mr C**tface Hannity!”

  7. Trump gives speech in West Bend, Wisc., claims he’s in Milwaukee. West Bend is about 1% non-white. Attempts to pander to AA voters on law and order!

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