The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 20th, 2016: Promises, Promises


From yesterday’s Washington Post: David A. Fahrenthold and Alice Crites present an in-depth, detailed look at Donald Trump’s claimed generosity on The Apprentice, focusing on promises of donations to many of the ‘fired’ contestants’ favorite charity. Despite the video recordings and transcripts of the show verifying Trump’s own words (the particular phrases varied, but the meaning was unambiguous), not one single penny came out of his own personal “wallet”, “pocket” or “account.” In fact, several of the named charities never received the stated donation at all.

Obviously, this provides more evidence that Trump has always been a lying, cheap, manipulative fraud whose word – as in, “his word is his bond” – means absolutely nothing. Of course, anyone with half a brain should know that anyway. But many details about the Trump Foundation and its funding that the WaPo investigation dug up also make it clear that The Donald’s tax returns contain more than one reason why he refuses to release them.

Trump’s pattern of public displays of ‘generosity’ without the actual donation has already been seen over the course of his campaign. WaPo’s report reinforces the fact that this is a real pattern, and one that, in view of Trump’s monstrously overblown ego, we should expect to continue simply because Trump cannot help himself. And it won’t just be about money. While Trump’s mouth is not as big as his ego, it is certainly bigger than his wallet, his brain, and whatever dark, malignant growth passes for his ‘soul.’ His big mouth will continue to make empty promises that he cannot and will not keep. Trump’s entire campaign is simply snake oil, but he and his rube supporters are really the snakes.

One could almost feel sorry for the Republican party – almost, but since they created this monster, the GOP doesn’t deserve pity. What they really deserve is worldwide humiliation, followed by extinction. However, I find it ironic that in 2012 they chose an extremely wealthy and experienced candidate who at least knew the ropes; this time around, all they could afford was a fake billionaire with fake hair and a fake persona who knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about how government works. Well, they got what they paid for, and now they are paying much more dearly than they apparently could have imagined.  Let’s hope that the rest of the country doesn’t have to pay so dearly for the GOP’s biggest mistake.

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11 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 20th, 2016: Promises, Promises

  1. I’m finding it difficult to listen to anyone question a Trump surrogate when every surrogate ignores the question and proceeds to rant about Hillary. If Trump’s people refuse to answer questions about him why bother to have them on? Perhaps the questioners should start cutting the microphones on the ranters and explain the reason for the questions and the probable reasons the surrogates are avoiding answering them, maybe then we’d get a straight answer, but I doubt it!

  2. Here’s my theory:

    Despite polls showing the Dems have a real chance of taking back the Senate (and the House is “in play” as of now), I think the republicans will cheat and make sure they keep at least 51 Senate seats, and only lose up to half of their current House lead. But they won;t go so far as to cheat the POTUS election so that Trump wins. Not only would people know with certainty that the election was rigged should trump win, they don’t want him to be POTUS. They really don’t. But they don’t want to lose the Congress entirely, so they’ll cheat just enough to make sure they keep both Houses. And thanks to the electronic voting machines that Bush made everyone get (HAVA), they’ve had enough chances to practice. Rumor has it that Scott Walker won his last five elections in Wisconsin, including the recall election, thanks to rigging the electronic voting machines.

    Here’s a link to Black Box Voting, who has been following this problem.

    • Yes, there’s a feasible path forward here. The gerrymandering done by the teabaggers in 2010 ,means that Dems scored 4% more votes in 2010 and still were 30+ seats down in the House…. the election is already fixed and will be fixed until at least the next national census.

      • 2012 not 2010 – 5m more votes for Dems does not translate into majority in the house and Senate skewed to western states filled with #vanillaisis and their like…. …

    • Voter suppression laws don’t distinguish between votes for president v. votes for congress. Thus voter suppression laws will favor Trump, as well as republican candidates for congress.

      Hacking voting machines probably could be tailor-made. Problem here is there’s evidence of hacking by Democrats in the Hillary v. Sanders primary fiasco.

      In other words, the Presidency may well go to “he who hacks last, hacks best.”

  3. I have a new name for what used to be the Republican Party. It used to be a political party, capable of negotiating and compromising. You know, the things political parties do to implement incremental governmental change.
    No longer. The Republican Party as we knew it is gone.
    What we have now, with the marriage of Drumpfuckle and Brannon is a new entity.
    I hereby name it the Nationalist Republican Army.
    It isn’t a party, but a thinly disguised pack of ‘racialists’, bigots and bullies who want to restore the good old days of Confederate glory.
    Here’s a hearty Unwelcome to this new organization. Go Drumpf Yourselves.

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