The Watering Hole, Monday, September 12th, 2016: False Choices, False Christians

Last month, the Christian Post editors published this assessment of the Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, aka “Scam Artist Trump”, and the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, aka “Crooked Hillary”, focusing on which candidate would most benefit the Evangelical Christian agenda.

I characterize the article that way quite deliberately. Not once, either in the discussion on Trump or the discussion on Clinton, is there any mention of, for instance:

– which one would be better for Americans as a whole?
– which one would be better for America’s status and reputation in the world?
– which one is more likely to, in a fit of pique, do or say something to start a war or provoke another terrorist attack?

And so on – you get the picture. The point being that, at the very least, Evangelical Christians – whose voices are purportedly represented by the Christian Post – consider themselves “Christian” first and foremost, and “American” a very distant second (if that high.)

Since I’m writing this at 1:30am Eastern Time, I’m not going through it point-by-point, there’s way too much that I could rant about. So I’ll just throw out one of the most egregious lies in the “Hillary” section. An excerpt (emphasis mine):

“While we will not endorse any candidate in this election, here are several factors we believe Evangelicals should prayerfully consider when thinking about what to do on Election Day.
First, Evangelicals should not vote for Hillary Clinton.

She supports taxpayer-funded abortion for any reason until the moment of birth. Given the importance of valuing life, this position alone is sufficient for an Evangelical Christian to disqualify her for the presidency.

Yeah, well “this position” is a total lie, and if the CP had any integrity, they’d print a written retraction. Neither Candidate Clinton nor any other person on the pro-choice side has EVER supported “taxpayer-funded abortion for any reason until the moment of birth.” [I am going to adapt this post and try to get it published at CP–wish me luck!)

I’ve been checking off and on for the last month to see if CP prints any sort of update to this piece, without success. I have to wonder, though, if anything such as the C-in-C “debate”, other Trump (or his spokemokeys’) insanities, or incriminating revelations about Trump’s shady business and political dealings, would sway the “Evangelical Christians” to lean a little more toward the saner candidate, Hillary Clinton? I sure as hell hope so.

For other CP content that doesn’t really encourage my “sure as hell hope”, please see their Politics page – I dare ya, some of the headlines/authors alone are, to borrow a phrase from a Raw Story commenter, “basket-worthy.”

This is our daily Open Thread–talk about the above, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

20 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 12th, 2016: False Choices, False Christians

  1. No new Benghazi four years after the first one. You’d have thought the Trumpanzees would have created one to use against the Dems. It’s all they know.

  2. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!

    Keith Olbermann is Back as Host of GQ‘s New Web Series

    Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has a new online show, and it appears he’s determined to use it to become Donald Trump‘s worst nightmare.

    Since his departure from ESPN, Olbermann has been showing major disdain for the GOP candidate any chance he gets. And now, Olbermann has another media outlet to spread his tough talk. He is now the host of GQ Magazine‘s new bi-weekly series, The Closer.


    The show will premiere tomorrow, on September 13.

  3. I don’t care that the Clinton campaign didn’t immediately release the news that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia. She couldn’t have skipped the 9-11 memorial ceremony, and almost got away with showing up, but her condition didn’t allow her to stay through the whole program.
    The way the right wing media bangs on about her ‘frailty’, they don’t deserve to get any more information than unavoidable.

      • The lamestream media is all bitching about transparency. Trump is proving to be about as transparent as the Bush Administration, and he’s not in power yet.

  4. “Deplorable” Alabama Republican ‘Doubts’ Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

    Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama said on Monday . . . “They’ve tried to attribute the cough to bronchitis, they’ve tried to attribute it to pneumonia,” he continued. “But I sat in the Benghazi hearing for three hours, and she sat there and coughed her way through that. You know, again, you just look at the pattern and it just begs the question, are we being lied to again?”
    (. . .)
    “We need to separate our political views from the woman’s health,” he said. “I think it’s pretty serious. Whatever it is. It’s pretty serious. I don’t wish her ill. I want her to lose the election obviously, but I think we need to be careful, but I do think there is a tremendous amount of disinformation out there. I think we were being lied to. And in some respects, if lying were a disease, she’d be terminal.”

    I could comment, but doubt it’s necessary.

  5. Just heard on Thom Hartmann: Ellen Ratner mentioned that Don Siegelman should get out of prison in February, and may work part-time for Talk Media News, her company.

  6. Good one…

    and now, a little palate cleanser….

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