LIVE-BLOGGING: First 2016 Presidential Debate — Clinton vs Trump

Okay, this thing starts at 6:00 PT (9:00 ET), and it’s only 90 minutes long — or the longest 90 minutes in the history of the universe — we’ll know by 7:30.

Feel free to live-blog, twitter, weep in despair, laugh hysterically, make catty comments about wardrobe and hair (either candidate), but no drinking games, I beg you. Β  Because you will die…quickly.

Let the Great Emasculation begin…


121 thoughts on “LIVE-BLOGGING: First 2016 Presidential Debate — Clinton vs Trump

  1. Thanks, Zooey. Have a great time. I’ll leave this open in another tab while I venture into the Twitterverse on the #debatenight hashtag. If I see some good ones, I’ll post them here. πŸ™‚

      • Me, too.

        But it reminds me of that video of a younger Bill O’Reilly when he went ballistic because he didn’t understand what he was supposed to read. Billo did one of those big sniff/snort, like an angry bull. Drumpf is getting angry, and I don’t think he’s going to control himself for more than, oh another 15 minutes or so.

  2. Apparently General MacArthur would disapprove of Hilary’s website. Also “job creators”.

  3. Red herring time. Criminals kill, police shouldn’t.
    Stop and frisk is unconstitutional.

  4. Every person of color listening to this just spewed their beverage of choice. How deaf can someone be?

  5. “Thousands of people killed in Chicago since January 1st”?

    “Stop and Frisk”? Thank you Lestor, for mentioning that it’s unconstitutional. Now Donald’s hyperventilating.

  6. The man is delusional. “I settled it,” he said. Yet, after the President produced the birth certificate in 2011 he continued to deny it’s authenticity!

  7. Trump’s hotels have been hacked and he waited months before telling customers their credit card data was stolen.

  8. Increasingly incoherent. The audience can no longer keep silent. What a train wreck for the Trump train.

  9. well, having missed the debate myself, and after reading the comments here, I believe I can safely predict Fox will say Trump won the debate.

  10. Wow, even Steven Schmitt – Schmidt? admits that Trump sucked at the end. Wonders never cease.

    O, fuck, Krispy Kreme Kristie – trying to spin the debate up for Trump. Puke.

  11. I feel better now, although I doubt if the orange shitgibbon’s “eccentric performance” even gave his die-hard proponents pause.

    “Secretary” Clinton, OTOH, and in great contrast, stayed calm, poised, and betrayed no signs of anger. Very confident and Presidential.

  12. Colbert is live tonight, if I can stay awake I’ll watch him but I agreed to take my sister to the doctor tomorrow morning so I’ll keep yawning and yaw’n and yazzzzzzzzzz

  13. Trump: “Paying no income tax makes me smart.”

    No, paying no income tax makes you a ‘taker’.

  14. Trump is even trying to lie about sucking wind through his nose so noisily. Claims it was the microphone. We’ve been noticing the SNIFFFFFF!!!!! for quite some time. Has he always had the same microphone?

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