The Watering Hole: Debate hangover edition, Sept 27, 2016


Pachy’s wish is my command.  😉



19 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Debate hangover edition, Sept 27, 2016

  1. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a picture of a pig at the seashore before. I just checked that box off on my list that I didn’t know was there!

    • There’s a reaction, in some people, to the sight of a pig beside the sea. A desire to traverse a vast distance invades the mind of the afflicted. If, by chance, one were to encounter a pig on a leash then thoughts of flirtations with the opposite sex will prevail. This of course is the reason dragonflies are attracted to butterflies.

      I suspect my own subliminal messages are being hacked by my cat who just meowed to be fed. Ah, fall. The time when an old man’s love is all fantasy!

  2. The Daily 202: Why even Republicans think Clinton won the first debate

    THE BIG IDEA: The consensus that Donald Trump badly lost the first debate gelled overnight. Liberals predictably panned the GOP nominee’s performance on Long Island, but some of the harshest reviews are coming from conservative thought leaders who had been starting to come around.

    Instant reaction:

    Republican pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group of undecided voters in Pennsylvania. Sixteen said Hillary Clinton won. Five picked Trump, per CBS News.

    In a Florida focus group organized by CNN, 18 of 20 undecided voters picked Clinton as the winner.

    Not one of 29 undecided voters in an Ohio focus group organized by Park Street Strategies thought Trump prevailed, while 11 picked Clinton and the rest said neither. By a two-to-one margin, the group thought Clinton had the better tone and, by a three-to-one margin, they thought she came across as more knowledgeable candidate on the issues.

    The instant polls that claim Trump won are all easily fooled into accepting multiple votes from the same person. Polls like CNN’s 62-27 result don’t allow it.

    • Wow. That opinion column is chock full of lies. They still insist in pushing debunked talking points (like Hillary started the birther movement.) The author is seriously hung up on Liberals being bad for Journalism when, in fact, if it weren’t for Liberal journalists, we would never know what things people like the Koch brothers are up to. And Conservatives would fight to keep it that way if it weren’t for the First Amendment.

  3. Giant Ring Of Trump Supporters Busted For Rigging Online Polls

    Those online polls that Trump keeps tweeting as proof of his victory at the presidential debate were rigged by rings of Trump supporters who manipulated the polling.


    Trump supporters were flooding the online polls in a coordinated effort to make the press and voters think that they really didn’t see Donald J. Trump fall flat on his face while attempting to debate Hillary Clinton. The fix was in, which is why no credible news outlet reports on, or trusts online polls.

    Fox News has been pushing Trump’s victory in the rigged online polls, which says more about Fox than it does the organizations who choose to place unscientific polls on their websites.

    Any poll that is open to the public can be easily manipulated, and should not be trusted as a valid source of information.

    What did I say upthread?

  4. I reiterate: If Donald Trump pays no taxes, or way below his share through accounting trickery, it doesn’t make him smart, it makes him a ‘taker’.

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