LIVE-BLOGGING the Final “debate” in the 2016 Presidential Race…thank goodness

I expect this is what my face will look like by the end of the debate, minus the drool, I hope.

So yeah, do whatever floats your boat here.  You can live-blog, heckle, poke fun, tell jokes, or have a complete mental breakdown, but please NO DRINKING GAMES!!

Am I giving this political debate the respect and seriousness it deserves?  Fuck no, I am not.  This entire election has turned into a shameful mockery of itself, so pfffttttt!

The thing starts at 6 PT, and you can watch it here:



88 thoughts on “LIVE-BLOGGING the Final “debate” in the 2016 Presidential Race…thank goodness

  1. “minus the drool, I hope” — oh please, the drool will be only reminder of intelligence left.

    I’ve actually come to think very highly of Hillary over the last year. She is only the “lesser evil” for pathetic children who require that they be given everything they want, exactly the way the want it, the instant they want it, or everybody is a poopie-head and I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue.

    But debates? Debates are a meaningless form of performance art in which I have no interest what so ever.

  2. Once again, I’ll be watching the “debate” with Cats r Flyfishin, and maybe nonewhere. It’s good to have support at these times.

    • Hi, Zooey, Cats and nonewhere. Glad you’re all safe and able to enjoy making fun of the debate. As usual, I’ll be reporting from Twitter, sharing the funny things I happen across. (When you follow 5,000 people, you literally cannot read every tweet. So you skim and hope to run across something good.)

      The first thing we’ll be watching for is Trump grabbing Hillary by the crotch while attempting to deep tongue kiss her as they meet on the stage.

      Now that I’ve planted that visual in your minds, Enjoy.

  3. I usually just laugh at him. Touch on the hideous choice women make regarding late term abortion and you strike me where I live. Fuck you Donald.

    • Just putting that beauty queen on teevee to exercise in front of cameras, and calling her Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping puts the lie to that statement.

  4. Chris Wallace should really tell teh donald to be a little more respectful. How can anyone listen to him and not hear a prepubescent bullyboy? And that’s a NICE description!

  5. Lame analysis of military history. I’m totally non-violent, but if this guy wins, I plan to stockpile weapons.

  6. Everyone’s smarter than America.

    When will someone remind everyone that Dubya negotiated the withdrawal from Iraq? This is stupid, they’re “debating” over a false premise!

  7. She appeals to the voters for the good of everyone. Dump trashes people and attacks Hillary.

    Who you gonna vote for!!??

      • Yes, and I blame Trump – it’s a conspiracy, Trump sent a truckload of bleach through a series of tubes and dissolved Wayne’s firewall. Just for spite for all of Wayne’s nasty tweets about him, all just fiction, lies, totally untrue, believe me, I can tell you.

      • Indeed. That’s what is so frustrating about how these debates work. Our side seems to always have the expectation of doing well; so nowhere to go but down.

        On their side, the media really does go soft on the right. Thinking of Palin and now Trump.

      • That’s good to hear. I stopped watching all of the political shows, it just made me crazy, er, crazier. Seriously, it’s just not good for my health, mental and physical. I knew that Steve had a bit more sense than most of the (R) pundits, but tonight was a shock for me.

  8. Totally off topic, unless and until we come up with anything better (you all know how it is with naming cats), we’re naming the kittens Blaze and Luna. They’re constantly playing and being crazy, it’s so fun to watch, it cheers me up

    • I don’t mean to be disrespectful as I’m a dog person, but the pics Wayne posted show one of the cats definitely should be named shithead. However your choice is yours, and I a certifiable libtard, again a dog lover, love the shithead cat. 😎

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