The Watering Hole, Monday, November 7th, 2016: “Trouble sleeping?”

With the most consequential election of my lifetime now just one day away, a scene from Star Trek: Next Generation’s “Best of Both Worlds” Part 1″ keeps returning to my mind. It takes place before the battle with the Borg, as Captain Picard paces through the Enterprise, and finds Guinan alone in Ten-Forward:

Guinan: “Trouble sleeping?”

Capt. Picard: “It’s something of a tradition, Guinan – Captain touring the ship before a battle.”

Guinan: “Hmm. Before a *hopeless* battle, if I remember the tradition correctly.”

Capt. Picard: “Not necessarily. Nelson toured the HMS Victory before Trafalgar.”

Guinan: “Yes, but Nelson never returned from Trafalgar, did he?”

Capt. Picard: “No, but the battle was won.”

Guinan: “Do you expect this battle to be won?”

Capt. Picard: “We may yet prevail. That’s a… a conceit. But… it’s a healthy one. I wonder if the Emperor Honorius watching the Visigoths coming over the seventh hill truly realized that the Roman Empire was about to fall. This is just another page in history, isn’t it? Will this be the end of *our* civilization? Turn the page.”

I wish that I had the calmness, almost equanimity, with which Captain Picard views the possibility of approaching doom and the likely takeover of the United Federation of Planets by a heartless, merciless “race.” I cannot view a similar fate for our country without a feeling of utter dread.

“We may yet prevail” as Picard says, if by “prevail” one means that Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the Presidency. If that happens, in my humble opinion, we the sane will have only one night, possibly, to feel the relief of dodging a bullet. As long-time students of politics and human nature, particularly ‘American’ human nature, we Critters and Zoosters and other reality-based folks are all too well aware that a final election result which denies Donald Trump the Presidency is just the beginning. There inevitably will be a barrage of ‘bullets’, figuratively at best, to continue to dodge. And it may well “be the end of *our* ‘civilization’.”

Guinan offers hope of a sort:

Guinan: “This isn’t the end.”

Capt. Picard: You say that with remarkable assuredness.”

Guinan: “With experience. When the Borg destroyed my world, my people were scattered throughout the universe. We survived – as will humanity survive. As long as there’s a handful of you to keep the spirit alive, you will prevail – even if it takes a millennium.”

And while Guinan could be right, that “[t]his isn’t the end”, I wish that *our* people were able to scatter throughout the universe. “Humanity” may survive, but will it still be recognizable as “human”?

This is our daily Open Thread–talk me down?

31 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 7th, 2016: “Trouble sleeping?”

  1. We had a chance to witness history. We got to watch the republican party implode and fight among themselves in ways never dreamed of. The rats bailed from the ship and the people they tried to assign to positions of power embraced the titles with faint interest.
    They’re still an obstacle but they can’t even pull together enough to accomplish anything other than obstructionism.
    I watched the movie Trumbo because I’m a big Brian Cranston fan and it showed how destructive and hateful they are.
    The destroyers of worlds.

  2. Apparently tomorrow’s election will have zero consequences since, according to Bryan Fischer, ‘This Is A Vote On Tuesday About God’.

    That’s a puzzler. Makes me wonder which ‘god’ he’s talking about. Zeus? Hermes? Apollo? Jupiter? Saturn? Neptune? Thor? Odin? Yahweh? Allah? (apologies to all gods — and godesses, of course — that I’ve not named; space is SO limited sometimes).

    Bigger question: why would any mythological nothing even give a crap about what’s happening — on one day on a minor planet in a minor solar system in a minor galaxy in a universe that’s at least 13 BILLION years old — between two 70 year-old (+- 1) old farts who are here solely as a consequence of a Big Bang (sotospeak)?

    Yeah, OK. One more Scotch, please. On the rocks.

  3. Polling seems to be once again widening the gap between Clinton and Trump. And that’s good.

    However, the Senate is looking a bit less likely to flip.

    Thanks to the sabotage from the FBI.

    • And if the Reps maintain control, they have promised to obstruct EVERYthing, SCOTUS appointments PLUS everything else other than Post Office naming.

      Sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

      Q: What part of that is it that Republicans are apparently unable to comprehend?

      Q: Why is ‘sedition’ apparently not against the law?

  4. This just in:

    WorldNutDaily: ‘Bible Code’ Says Donald Trump Will Win

    Forget what the polls and the pundits are saying.

    The answer to who will win Tuesday’s presidential election is in the Bible, says an Israeli rabbi. Hillary may as well give her concession speech now.

    Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an international Bible codes expert who has written 30 books, says it’s a fait accompli for Donald Trump. He will beat Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 and go on to become the next president of the United States.

    And Glazerson is not the only mystical rabbi in Israel who sees a big Trump victory in the making.

    The head of the Republican Party branch in Israel, Marc Zell, said a leading Jewish mystic told him that the Zohar, Judaism’s primary mystical work, foretold Trump’s victory centuries ago, Israel Today reported.

    “Two days ago, a great sage came to me — I don’t want to say his name — with all his entourage from Bnei Brak, just to give me this message for Donald Trump,” Zell told the ultra-Orthodox news outlet Behadrei Haredim.

    Zell went on to note that initially religious Jews weren’t sure for whom to vote, “but in the last two weeks a decision has been made among the rabbis of all sorts of streams in the Orthodox public in Israel that Trump is the one who will defend Jerusalem, the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.”

    So that’s clearly it then.

    Q: Why did we bother with spending the better part of two years listening to political bullshit when the answer was was written by god several centuries ago?

    God, we are SO DENSE!!

  5. Whew! I’m relieved. The NRA has boldly predicted that Syrian refugees will establish a Caliphate in the U.S. if Hillary is elected. Given their track records on predictions see: “this time next year you won’t be able to buy a gun”, I think it’s safe to say that there will never be a Caliphate in the good ol’ U.S.A.

  6. Hey all y’all, what do you want to do for tomorrow, other than being drunk/high AF? My favorite son (at the moment 😉 ) bought me marijuana edibles for my birthday, and I saved the most potent one for election day.

    Cesspool party? With music, political commentary, Trump melt-down updates?

    Let me know your thoughts!

    • I did set up an open thread for Election Day. I encouraged anyone voting for a Republican to please explain why. I promised they would be met with the same civility they bring here. I expect no one to answer it. 🙂

    • Wayne has a post set up to start the ball rolling tomorrow. We’ll be voting before work, but I’m taking off so Wayne will bring me home then go in to work. I do NOT have marijuana edibles–not having any generous and loving sons, let alone favorites! 🙂 I’ll have to muddle through the day on xanax. Hopefully I’ll have something better tomorrow night, so that I can keep up with you. 🙂

  7. We are, as Dad was want to say, “down to the short strokes”. (Remind me to tell you all the funny story about how I spent the first 20+ years of my life thinking that phrase was about painting!”)

    When I visited the doctor last Thursday I asked him if he could give me a pill that would allow me to vote early, take the pill, and sleep until noon on Wednesday. He said “no”. So? I’m about to take my normal pills, plus one, and sleep until noon tomorrow. Then I’m going to vote and, unless I see a bunch of gun-toting rightwhiners running around bothering voters, I’m going to come home, get drunk, take my normal pills, and sleep till noon on Wednesday. I might not be able to open both eyes by this time Wednesday night but I’ll be well-rested!

  8. Hillary has carried Dixville Notch 4-2 over Trump. That’s never a bad thing to start election day with a clear majority.

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