The Watering Hole, Part Deux, 11/09/2016. Post Election comment board.

Donald Trump is President-Elect.

Republicans keep control of the House and Senate.

Please maintain civil discourse at all times.


45 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Part Deux, 11/09/2016. Post Election comment board.

    • We did. And we aren’t sorry…yet.
      My sense is that the Change with a capital C that Obama promised in 2008 was thwarted by the Republican controlled Congress, and we’ve emboldened the worst of us to ‘take back our white country’.

    • Oh, no. Not yet. We’ve merely given Republicans free reign for at least two years to fix everything that’s wrong with America. Soooo….let’s see how well they fix health care, the environment, the economy, the schools, the judicial system, etc., etc., etc. Heck, in two years the U.S. of A. should be a Republican Utopia!

      • Amen. The environment is of no concern to Republicans. In their haste to de-regulate everything the environment will continue to degrade unchecked.
        The jobs that the R’s will bring to America will be low paying manufacturing and service jobs, paying in the range of $7.50 – $15.00 per hour, fueled by foreign purchase of American assets.
        The schools will teach religious doctrine in place of STEM, and we will fall further behind India, Asia and Europe as our true IDIOCRACY replaces critical thinking and advanced Math and Science curricula.
        We need to begin the search for the next Bernie Sanders, and get behind her/him to reclaim our nation.

      • So death is delayed two years in order that the murderers have the time to really really make sure the job is done and complete? The devil’s in the details, iow, as in “Republican Utopia” = Funeral Parlor + Spiffiness.

        Yeah, I guess I can buy that, what with my high pain threshold and all.

  1. This just in —

    Word on the street has it that Donald Trump received an email note this morning from his Tie Company in China. The note read,

    “Congraturations On Your Recent Erection!”

  2. Finally worked up the courage to look at the election results. What a fucking farce.

    I’m so angry that I can hardly think straight, but I’m even more sad.

    • I hope that the Democrats in the Senate filibuster and make Donald a one term president, if the world can survive 4 years of him. I was only minimally interested in politics before George W. Bush was elected. After 2000, I thought, my apathy helped put Bush in office so I became involved in politics in 2004 and remained deeply involved until 2012. Since I moved to Oregon, I haven’t worked as hard in politics. The deplorables have elected a narcissistic, bigoted, racist misogynist to serve as President of the United States. He is worse than the boy Bush. Our new First Lady has naked pictures of her posted all across the Internet and she started working here in the US without a “green card.” Pathetic, isn’t it. For the sake of my health, I going to start meditating every day, exercise more, and focus on my diet. Fuck politics. At this point, I feel that all I can do it vote.

    • I alternate between the two emotions as well. All I can think to do now is reach out to those even sadder than I am, our local immigrants and muslims.

  3. This tragic farce has been brought to us by the cable “news” industry. Aided and abetted, at best, and manufactured at worst. What can we do now? I really think the best first step in taking our country back is for We The People to cancel cable by the million. The cable news industry won’t fix itself as long as it can turn a profit; no matter how small. Tell your friends!

  4. By my calculations, 87% of the incumbents running for House and Senate were reelected.

    Not much “change” ever going to happen if you keep doing that.

    • This is actually a fear of mine. Fortunately, I think they’re somewhat limited outside of the family quarters. I figure he’ll rent space in his new hotel for state dinners, it will give him another grifting opportunity while sparing an historic building the wear and tear of his nouveau excess.

    • We love you too.

      Know of any job prospects for an American trained lawyer, admitted to the California State Bar, and/or an educator with 20 years’ classroom experience and an administrative services credential, preferably in or near Vienna?

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