The Watering Hole, Monday, November 14th, 2016: Coping?

This is how I’m getting through each day since the election:

This is our Open Thread to start the week – how’s everyone else coping?

25 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 14th, 2016: Coping?

  1. I always thought Reince Priebus was a cheap bottom shelf, dollar store hair care product that made your hair greasy and unmanageable, smelled awful, then it fell out in clumps, sticking to your hands, clogging drains and gagging your pets.

    • From MSN this morning…
      “Trump said he was ‘so saddened’ to hear of instances of violence by some of his supporters against minorities, according to a transcript released on Sunday of an interview with the CBS program ’60 Minutes.'”
      Too late, asshole. Your supporters have been encouraged to unleash the hatred you so successfully stoked to a fever pitch during your campaign.
      Own it.

  2. Coping:

    We have, for all practical purposes, stopped watching any Newsy TV — can’t stand the sight and sound of anything at all involving “president-elect Trump.” Have found a temporary shelter/diversion — Netflix — where we are in the process of binge-watching “Frasier” instead. It has 264 episodes; in the five days since the (s)election we’ve “only” watched 1-189, meaning we still have 75 to go. After we finish all of them, we’ll have to come up with something else, and fast. No ideas yet, but one good thing about living at the foot of the Rocky Mountains — we’re only about ten miles from some really high cliffs, so jumping off remains one of our better options.

    Back in 2000 when the Electoral “college” (with the disabled assistance of the “Supreme” Court) (s)elected the moronic Bush in mid-December, I had my brain surgery already scheduled for January 16/17 of ’01. Fortunately, by inauguration day I was still out of it and thus able to sleep through all of that day’s bogus ceremonies. As of today, I’m thinking of bringing a YUGE lawsuit against the hospital and doctors that were involved, one wherein I demand payment for them doing a good job –DAMAGES in today’s 2016 post-(s)election lingo. I will be fair though, and only demand enough cash to pay whatever it costs to move us to somewhere decent — on the other side of the world, to a place with no TV that’s never heard of either Trump or the Amurkkka that produced him.

    But first, back to Frasier.

    • Try watching Crown. One season out and each season will cover about 10 years each in Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Or, Midsomer Murders is a bbc series with 18 years worth of shows. We are have way through those.

      • Yes, Midsomer’s been a regular here. We have several dvd’s, also have streamed it on Netlix with regularity. Crown — haven’t heard of that one. Might be problematic though, esp. to folks like us who’ve never had much of an interest in today’s application of The British Crown, much less the reason there still is “royalty” anywhere. Of course, now that we’ll soon have King Donald, I suppose that could change. 😯

        • Yes of course the Queen isn’t on your radar. But still, a good show 🙂 For shits and giggles try The Detectorists, a british comedy.

  3. Speaking of Netflix, I’d like to recommend “Foyle’s War” to folks. It begins with the opening days of WWII, with the fall of Norway, when Hitler seemed absolutely unstoppable. So a great deal of the story telling revolves around the sense that people are staring into the abyss, and how they variously cope (or fail to cope) with that sense.

    • That’s a great series. We have the entire of it on DVD, but for those who don’t it’s also on Netflix. Michael Kitchen plays the role of Foyle in impeccable fashion and with nary a slip.

  4. Another coping mechanism for me (just now) was assembling a list of freely available resources relating to non-violent resistance, economic justice, and the like. It is scarcely a comprehensive list, but it is what I have on my kindle. I posted it over at my blog: A Few Resources

  5. On, “The Rise of the Nazi Party” is avail. for streaming. So far just this morning we’re on the 4th episode of Season 1 — the first three episodes were stunning in the sense that there is SO much that is SO remindful of the rise or the GOP and Trump here in Amurkkka. Particularly ironic to me was the fact that in Germany, Kristallnacht occurred on . . .

    November 8th.

    That was in 1938, of course, but Jeebus. Nothing has changed. Racism, hatred, economic unrest and white supremacy drove Kristallnact just as that same combo drove our own recent Nov. 8 tragedy.

    Whereto from here, Amurkkka? Mass deportations? Maybe internment camps?

  6. League Of The South Hails Trump, Wants ‘No Mercy’ Towards ‘Jews, Minorities And Anti-White Whites

    As white supremacists and neo-Nazis celebrate the results of the presidential election, Michael Hill, president of the neo-Confederate League of the South, reacted to Donald Trump’s victory yesterday by vowing to show “no mercy” to “the enemies of our God, our Folk and our civilization” and to finally “drive a stake” through the heart of “the globalist-progressive coalition of Jews, minorities, and anti-white whites.”

    If “anti-white whites” includes white folks who are anti-white-IDIOTS, then count me in!

    I recommend that we get busy with Southern independence. We need our own country, and it must be run by us for our own interests. It must once again be White Man’s Land.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  7. We’ve been catching up on mostly comedy shows – which is painful, too, because some are from the “before-time” where everyone is still just nervously laughing about the possibility of a Trump win. The office football pool is an occasional distraction. Otherwise, today’s post is about all I’ve done, although I did go to work in there somewhere. One of the podiatrists I talk to a lot knows my liberal leanings quite well, and he actually called me on Thursday just to make sure I was still alive. 🙂

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