The Watering Hole, 1/11/17: Making America Great Again, Part 1

In reviewing the latest draft bill to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, cut taxes for the top 1%, shift Medicaid expenses to the States and privatize Medicare, this author came across a provision that has, as yet, to receive any attention from the mainstream media.

The bill calls for mandatory sterilization of all children born in the United States. However, parents can avoid having their children sterilized by paying a fee that reflects the costs to society for raising that child. The fee is based on the parents’ socio-economic status, and ranges from $0.00 to over $400,000.

Low income and minority parents pay the fees at the upper end, because research conclusively establishes it costs society more to raise their children. They tend to rely on Medicaid for medical expenses; food stamps to feed their children; their children attend public schools and more frequently are incarcerated. On the other hand, affluent parents’ children attend private schools, have health insurance, and have lower incarceration rates.

Since this is pushed through in a budget reconciliation bill, it cannot be filibustered. Sources close to Trump indicate he will sign the bill the minute it hits his desk.


11 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, 1/11/17: Making America Great Again, Part 1

  1. You know BnF, as PEOTUS Donald Trump’s trickledown theory hits the news today, I ma simply unable to discern the real thing from satire anymore…..

    … President Obama gave maybe the last coherent, intelligent, dignified and considered speech from a POTUS we will hear for the next four years…. this country does not yet know how much they will miss his quiet dignity, all the failures and successes notwithstanding.

    Meanwhile from the files of “You can’t fix Teh Stoopid” – yes these people walk among us….which surprises me as I am amazed they can put their pants on the right way in the morning.

  2. Oh, and By the Way, Mr. President Elect(oral College Only), When you call out CNN for being fake news, you are falling in line with one of the fascist signs, punishing the press for criticizing you. How about a similar ration of shit for Faux Snooze, who’s been the real fake news for the last two decades?
    Sometimes to(sic) media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives.
    Or, in Drumpf’s view, any media that sheds any light other than rose colored on his orange ass.

  3. My resolutions for the new year: Any adjective used by Donald Trump will be banished from my vocabulary. I refuse to listen to gibberish and my ipod and I are going to spend a lot more time together listening to music.

  4. This won the internet today…..

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