The Watering Hole, 1/18/2017

As soon as Hillary Clinton cinched the Democratic Party’s nomination her supporters began deriding Sander’s supporters in earnest, in an effort to shame or fear-monger them into voting for The Chosen One. As a Sanders supporter, their efforts further turned this author off from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

In two days, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States. Ever since the election, those on the left have called Trump voters all kinds of names, all of which were anything but kind. This divisive name-calling is counterproductive. It only serves to drive Trump supporters further away, as the natural tendency when one is attacked is to become defensive.

To change the course of this Nation, it will be necessary for the common man on the left and on the right to work together, to join forces against the ruling oligarchy. Up until now, the oligarchy has been content to control our government from behind the scenes. But with Trump, and his likely choices to fill his Cabinet, they are up front, running the show from the highest seat of power.

So, how do we, the people, bridge the divisive gap between the left and the right? It must start with overtures from the left. It must start with recognizing that not everyone who voted for Trump is racist. Not everyone who voted for Trump hates women. Like Sanders supporters, many, many Trump supporters voted for change. Trump was going to drain the swamp, and drain the swamp he will. He’s going to Make America Great Again by putting the interests of the 1% above all else. The common man and woman who voted for Trump will soon be left out in the cold.

As they see their health insurance disappear, or skyrocket out of reach, as States budgets buckle under the crushing weight of an unfunded mandate to provide health care for those who no longer have coverage while the taxes on the 1% are cut and cut again; as they realize that Right to Work laws mean the end of unions, union wages and benefits; and when it dawns on them that Trump is not bringing their factory jobs back, many, many Trump supporters will feel they’ve been conned. The last thing they’ll want to hear is an “I told you so” from the left.

Trump supporters will need to hear facts, objectively stated. They’ll need to hear solutions, short of taking up arms. They’ll need to know that those on the left will have their back and will stand with them, side by side, through the long, arduous task of wresting control of our government from the moneyed elite sitting on both sides of the aisle.

Trump supporters have been conditioned to see liberals as the enemy. Liberals have been trained to see conservatives as the enemy. Both views have been fostered by the ruling class so that liberals and conservatives alike do not see them as the enemy.

We need to mend fences where we can. The first side to stop using hate speech will ultimately control the dialogue.


21 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, 1/18/2017

  1. The Left didn’t start disparaging Trump voters after the election, it started as soon as polling indicated he had more than intrinsic support, before the primaries even started. Until the RWNJ voter realizes whose hand is really picking his pocket, they’re not going to listen to reason. The last recession didn’t quite get bad enough to unite the working class against the economic royalists, the way it did in the 1930s. In that way, the wealthy did learn something from history.

  2. It’s been my observation that the main two concepts which motivate the right are, in no particular order, fear and hate. Both are irrational, both are easily inspired — and encouraged — by those whose sole goal is to control the distribution of money and power, and hence the people. History is splattered with examples including, in just my lifetime, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and now this country, the USA.

    Eight years ago, I was optimistic and overjoyed that FINALLY we the people had dug the right wing’s grave and were about to bury it for good, that the Bush-Rovian thesis of a “permanent Republican majority” was finished and gone, that rationality and equality were to become, finally, our governing meme. I was wrong. The far right was down, but it got back up, proclaimed that Progressive people-oriented governance was evil and should be resisted at every level, that turning the world over to the rich and powerful was the only viable option.

    And here we are. By noon (EST) on Friday the 20th of January, 2017, the USA will have officially devolved to become the fascist state that tyrants have dreamed about for thousands of years. And they managed to get that all done not by seducing an overwhelming majority of the common vote. Au contraire, they pulled it off instead with a minority of popular support and by taking advantage of one of the Constitution’s major flaw, the electoral college; also by “legal” suppression of opposition voters and by “intellectual” “assassination” of the opposition candidate, Hillary Clinton.

    They were also, I’m sure, equally prepared to “intellectually assassinate” Bernie Sanders had he been the opposing candidate.

    I was a Bernie supporter, helped caucus him to victory here in Colorado, and was disappointed when Hillary won the nomination. Then I became a strong Hillary supporter, and I voted for her– NOT because she was my favorite candidate, but because I was aware of the consequences to the nation if her opposition should happen to somehow defeat her. And it did. “They” used every dirty trick possible, including FBI subterfuge. And it worked. So here we are today, our downslope now nearly vertical.

    Oddly enough, that would very likely not have been the case had an apparently large segment of Bernie supporters not stayed home, or voted third party, or voted for Hillary’s “Republican” opposition.

    How does one ‘teach’ the masses that the concept of Common Sense stands high above the twin concepts of Hate and Fear? I dunno. I only know that Hate and Fear won. Again. And what I once viewed as “my country” is now near death. By suicide.

    What drives once-vibrant nations to become suicidal?

      • To me, they’re both irrational and either one can prompt the other. Hate can induce fear, and v.v. I’m not sure why that is — my folks kind of ‘urged me’ forward and away from both of them, from baby to adult, and what’s long struck me the ‘loudest’ was the subtle suggestion to never fear anything or anyone, and never hate anyone or anything, but instead respect everyone and everyhing. Learn before acting, and never act before learning. In my earlier years, of course, fear came easier than respect, and fear was good at urging hate. But as I grew, I did learn, thanks to the lessons of early childhood and the steady urging by my dad in particular. I got my first clue when I “learned” how to neither fear nor hate a snake, but to respect it and leave it alone. Turns out, that’s a good way to deal with most anything in life.

        My guess is that a whole lot of people were never taught that way, that their parents had fears and hatreds and passed them along. Looking back, I know I was the ‘lucky’ one, also am pretty certain I came from a long line of folks who thought the same and passed it on down the line. Only exception is my sister who has always had, for whatever reason, an irrational fear of birds. She was, according to our folks, like that from the time she learned to walk. She’ll soon be turning 83, and afaik she still has that ‘fear’, although somewhere along the way she learned to deal with it in ways that didn’t require hate.

          • Fear is indeed instinctive and even rational as such, and when controlled by knowledge and conscious thought can be overcome and dismissed. But when fear is used to justify hatred (as made manifest in, e.g., assault, killing, murder, even politics), then rationality succumbs and irrationality stands tall. And at that point, hate can indeed be used to induce irrational fear amongst the susceptible. GOP thereby defined.

    • It’ll work ONLY if Nader proclaims for all to hear that Trump truly IS the most brilliant and qualified MAN (not ‘person’, too many implications there) to EVER assume control of the greatest nation on the planet in all of its 240 years, and that this is the first time such a miracle has ever happened across all of human history, and that he (Nader) has finally, for the first time in his life, come to understand what optimism really is.

      I doubt Nader has it in him. I know I wouldn’t.

  3. Well stated BnF.
    We should know iwthin the next 18 months the depth of the damage the nation will suffer under Trump’s regime. It would benefit us all to start planning and organizing with those who will feel our pain what the next bucket of ‘change’ could look like.
    It could look like Single-Payer, clean energy, etc.
    But we do need to forge bonds with those who are not in the 1%, as thems that voted for Trump are going to be pissed off and looking for targets…

    • “But we do need to forge bonds with those who are not in the 1%, as thems that voted for Trump are going to be pissed off and looking for targets…”

      Exactly – & them’s the ones most likely to implement the “2nd Amendment Solution.”

      • We’ve been above 50 for a week. For lows. Seeing high 60s to low 70s for highs. We don’t drop below 50 until Tuesday morning. I’ve been going to the store in shorts in January.

      • Here at 7000 ft elevation, 6 miles from the Front Range, the temp right now is 54 — and the snow that fell on Monday is almost gone. Shorts and Tees are perfect, until the sun sets and the chill moves in. This is definitely a climate change winter here — the occasional storm, some snow, wind (lots more wind than usual), with springtime temps in between storms. That all follows the warmest fall I can remember . . . there was no snow on yonder 13,000 ft peaks until Thanksgiving week, about two months later than “normal.”

        Science has proven that climate change is human-caused. Only idiots (read: Republicans) deny that reality.

  4. I feel the same way Briseadh na Faire. I’m very bitter towards the hard core Hillary supporters and the Democratic Party. I blame them for Trump.

    The Clinton’s and the ‘New Democrats’ are the ones who led the Democratic Party as a whole to turn their backs on the working class and the working poor in the 90’s. Instead they groveled to and represented the white collar professionals from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    The Hillary supporters I’ve dealt with online were smug, conceited, arrogant and selfish. They thought they were so smart yet they underestimated the anti-establishment sentiment in our country as they defended or denied Hillary’s glowing negatives.

    All I know is that we had a candidate of a lifetime ready to serve we the people, all of the people and we blew it all because too many worship the Clintons, too many wanted to make history and shatter glass ceilings, too many want to keep things the way they are.

  5. The blind faith, loyalty and undying support that Trumps supporters have for Trump is very alarming. It reminds me of all of the George W. Bush supporters kept their heads in the sand for 8 years. Sadly it also kind of reminds me a lot of the hard core Hillary supporters.

    • Reminds me of a bunch of other people….. who likewise swore allegiance to the person and not to their constitution or country.

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