The Watering Hole; Thursday Jan. 19 2017; Inaugur(anticip)ation

The difference between Despair
And Fear — is like the One
Between the instant of a Wreck
And when the Wreck has been
(Emily Dickinson)


Tomorrow, January 20 2017, is the day Donald J. Trump is to be inaugurated as POTUS #45. I’ll not be there. Not in person. Not on the TV, radio, or in any other possible way. I side with the (hopefully) tens of millions who prefer something creative to anything destructive. The bottom line: Trump is a genuinely illegitimate president-select. Period. (More on that tomorrow).

Today I have nothing to say. There are no words. But there are Visuals! Here are some I’ve collected over the last couple of years, visuals that pretty much summarize this nation’s self-imposed electoral consequence.

Without further ado:




The Donny Llama








And Finally:


There. Drumpfian “Fair and Balanced” summary complete.


“What Trump proposes is [American] Geopolitical Suicide.
Make no mistake: you should be very worried right now.”
(Daniel Nexon, Professor at Georgetown University)


2017’s Pending Inauguration  OPEN THREAD — Have at it!

6 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday Jan. 19 2017; Inaugur(anticip)ation

  1. I want to comment but I never thought anyone could be worse than George Bush and Dick Cheney even before they got into office so, that leaves me kind of speechless.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I could summarize by saying something like, ‘if Dubya and Dick were heaven, then Drumpf is hell.’ He’s that far removed from those previous bums. Doesn’t say much for voter in this country, intelligence-wise. (Or maybe it says it all?)

  2. Just finished reading President Obama’s letter to all of us.
    On his last day in office, he urges us to stay engaged, remembering
    “And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person”
    That said, I have work tomorrow, won’t be watching, reading about, nor following the inauguration of the 45th President.
    I sincerely hope that he and his !% cabinet cause such damage to this nation in his four years in office that the word Republican will be followed by a spit for the next three generations.
    We are about to see the complete dismantling of all things progressive. I say, let them do their worst. Let the folks who put their faith in this person watch with horror as the government services they expect and rely on, and their standard of living both fall apart.
    We can repair the damage. We need to give them miles of rope so they can hang themselves so high the vultures can’t get at them.
    There is a reason that from 1929 – 1970, Republicans were in a minority. It was the Great Depression that people remembered, and rightly put the onus of that pain on the 1% and the Republican party that fostered that mess.
    Buck up, it’s only gonna last 2 – 4 years.

    • Reich doesn’t say the 2 years, but Eddie Munster and Chinless McTurtle and two evil but calculating men – they won’t want Drumpf to tank the 2018 midterms

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