The Watering Hole, Wednesday, February 15th, 2017: First Hypocrisy, Now Treachery

It’s been well known for a long time that the GOP is the party of hypocrisy–hence the acronym IOKIYAR. Now, with all of the trump cabal’s innumerable Russian connections, it appears that the GOP is also the party of treachery.

Despite the fact that several U.S. Intelligence agencies have already been investigating key trump personnel, none of the pertinent House and Senate committees want to do a damn thing about it, with the minor exception of Kellyanne Conway’s “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. No, instead, GOP leaders are either silent on the subject, or say that we should just “move on” now that Flynn has resigned. Apparently they do NOT give a damn that trump knew all about Flynn’s conversations with Russian contacts, in particular the call that Flynn made, on the day that Obama announced sanctions against Russia for interfering with our elections, to let Russia know that president trump would lift those sanctions.

Would ANY Democrat, even one not running for the Presidency, get away with something like this? FFS, the GOP held, what, seven or eight hearings on Benghazi, and went fucking nuts over Hillary Clinton’s emails, none of which in any way, shape or form, endangered the security of the United States. Yet the fact that trump has surrounded himself with people who have, in many cases, had longtime relationships with Russian officials doesn’t seem to worry our ever-so-patriotic Republican majority “leaders.” “Move along, nothing to see here, looky-loos” and “but what about Hillary and her emails” are the typical responses from the GOP.

Well, FUCK YOU, GOP, fuck you hard with something sharp. You are all useless pieces of shit, and I hope that not only does trump go down in flames, I hope he drags you all to hell with him.


Now, just for laughs, here’s an article from the Christian Post that I know you’ll find amusing. I mean, just the title alone is hysterical: “God Delivered US from ‘Spirit of Witchcraft Through Trump”. Here’s an excerpt:

Appearing on “The Jim Bakker Show” on Tuesday, Christian thought leader Lance Wallnau spoke about President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington that followed, saying God used Trump to deliver “the nation from the spirit of witchcraft in the Oval Office.”

“What I believe is happening is there was a deliverance of the nation from the spirit of witchcraft in the Oval Office,” said Wallnau, an evangelical business strategist and leader of the Lance Learning Group consulting firm in Dallas.

“The spirit of witchcraft was in the Oval Office, it was about to intensify to a higher level demon principality, and God came along with a wrecking ball, shocked everyone, the church cried out for mercy and bam—God knocked that spirit out, and what you’re looking at is the manifestation of an enraged demon through the populace,” he added.

“This is biblical,” Wallnau, author of God’s Chaos Candidate, added. “Many of the disruptions we are gonna see are going to be the evidence that we are seeing the awakening already began.”

Wallnau, who holds an M.A. from South Western Theological Seminary in Texas, predicted before the election that Trump was the “prophesied president.” He earlier explained that he came to this conclusion after attending a widely-publicized meeting between Donald Trump and evangelical leaders at the Trump Tower last year.

Giving an address at the 3rd Christian Inaugural Gala hosted by Women for a Great America at the Washington Hilton along with prominent Christian speakers and authors last month, Wallnau claimed that when he returned home to Dallas following the meeting with Trump, the Lord put the biblical passage of Isaiah 45 on his heart and told him that “the 45th president is Isaiah 45.”

[He actually had to use Google to confirm that trump would be the 45th president – and these evangelicals are demanding the right to preach politics from the pulpit?]

This is our Open Thread – have at it!

41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, February 15th, 2017: First Hypocrisy, Now Treachery

    • Thom Hartmann had a caller yesterday trying to claim Flynn didn’t commit treason because we weren’t at war with Russia. I immediately thought of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed in 1953 for espionage, spying for the Soviet Union, who we weren’t at war with then either.

      • Exactly! We have never been “at war” with either the Soviet Union or Russia but letting them in on our intelligence operations and/or supplying state secrets to any “hostile nation” has always been a treasonous action.

    • Senators Butters and Gramps are talking, but not acting …. all Hat no Cattle. After the way the Mango Mussolini went after them …. you’d think. Its for show until one of them casts a vote against him – did they vote against Exxon Tillerson? Any those assclowns the Tango Twatfondler hired? No? Then Butters is all gas.

    • Isn’t is a dreadful statement and damnation of the state of US representative government that we are holding out hope for salvation from the very branch of government which exists only because they are a necessary evil, operating counter to the principles of the Constitution?

  1. Remember when we thought John McCain and Sarah Palin said and did the stupidest shit in politics?
    Yeah, well Trump and his billionaire boys club have broken through the bottom of the barrel and are going for an all time low.

    • Hillary’s “Glass ceiling” has been redefined, by Trump, as a “Glass Cellar” — an outhouse basement made of glass — now defined as the Trump presidency. Shattering the glass ceiling meant that Hillary as POTUS would initiate the star-studded possibilities implicit in the country’s first woman president. Shattering the glass cellar, otoh, means that Trump’s “departure” will be followed by a steady outflow of turds — Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Orrin Hatch (pres. pro-tem, Senate) — along with the ensuing and continuous pollution of the country’s now vanished ‘star-studded possibilities.’

      Quoting Radar O’Reilly, “OH ICK!!”

  2. I want the dirt on the orange shitgibbon to be revealed and make his presiduncy incapable of finding anyone to work for him and to make Mike Pence feel standing with Trump is bad and resign or have enough dirt on him to go down with the orange shitgibbon.

  3. Bloatus says:
    “Bollistic missiles in Russia are no threat to anybody, Vlad is just strutting his stuff. Hey! Look, the Stock Market Loves ME!

  4. The Associated Press weighs in with a telling article
    A crush of crises all but buries the young Trump White House
    What the hell do you expect? You take a charlatan hustler who made his fortune screwing over his investors and craftsmen, surround him with a gaggle of bootlickers, none of whom has ever ADMINISTERED anything, and expect them to figure out how to ADMINISTER one of the most complex sets of stakeholders ever assembled. Yeah, that thing we call “Governing”.
    This pack of sniveling fascists can’t administer their own meds..

    Sen. John Thune of South Dakota on Wednesday demanded that the White House “get past the launch stage.”
    Dear Senator Thune, are you so thick you cannot see this so-called Administration is exploding on the launch pad?

    • From the AP article:

      “When you are the White House, every day is a crisis. Crisis is routine,” said Ari Fleischer, who was President George W. Bush’s first press secretary. “But when they all come right on top of each other, particularly at the start of an administration, it starts to create the feeling that they don’t know how to run the place.”

      First of all, “STARTS TO”? C’mon, anyone with half a brain could have predicted “that they don’t know how to run the place.”

      And Ari fails to mention how many of these crises coming “right on top of each other” were CAUSED BY: trump himself with his idiotic tweets; trump himself in phone calls to the heads of our (former?) allies; or by a member of his entourage lying about shit. They brought this on themselves, too fucking bad when it all caves in on them.

      Oh, and fuck John Thune.

      Off to bed, goodnight!

  5. “Christian thought leader ”

    … well you always know what comes next is going to be good. Bug-fook-nutz that fella, absolutely barmy …. and they walk amongst us….

  6. The orange shitgibbon keeps talking about fake news: The news has definitely been about the fake sitting in the White House and his fake administration.

    • Heh – I prefer so-called administration.
      And he’s having a tantrum about the ‘mess’ he inherited…He shouldn’t be blaming his deceased father…
      Obama left him a desk, a stapler, and a pen. Together, of course, with the lowest unemployment rate in decades, a stable economy and a well oiled governmental machine.

  7. I watched the press conference until my blood pressure began to rapidly rise. I wonder if the Idiot-in-Chief has considered the people he talked to responsible for making their conversations public? It is very obvious that the presidunce has a fixation on himself and will never cease blowing smoke out his ass about how wonderful he’s been, forever.

  8. Court rules that Florida doctors can talk to patients about guns

    A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that Florida doctors can talk to patients about gun safety, declaring a law aimed at restricting such discussions a violation of the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

    The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law does not trespass on patients’ Second Amendment rights to own guns and noted a patient who doesn’t want to be questioned about that can easily find another doctor.

    “The Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms does not preclude questions about, commentary on, or criticism for the exercise of that right,” wrote Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan in one of two majority opinions covering 90 pages. “There is no actual conflict between the First Amendment rights of doctors and medical professionals and the Second Amendment rights of patients.”

    Circuit Judge William Pryor, who was a finalist in President Donald Trump’s search for a Supreme Court nominee, said in a separate concurring opinion that the First Amendment must protect all points of view.

    Pretty cut and dried when a right winger like Pryor goes along with the majority striking down a pro-gun law in favor of reason.

  9. I imagine today’s activities occurred early enough for the late night writers to have a few zingers about the orange shitgibbon’s performance in tonight’s shows. The point where he said he was having fun brought to mind the Peter O’Toole character in “My Favorite Year,” the part where, after he rescued the show host from the real gangsters, he beamed at the adulation from the live audience. That’s also why he’s having a campaign rally in Florida this weekend. The man is sick.

  10. “…he’s having a campaign rally in Florida this weekend.”

    He’s starting his 2020 run less than a month into his chaotic presidency. As Wayne constantly says, trump loves the campaigning/running part, because he gets to bask in the adoration of his minions. trump never really WANTED the job – the presidentin’ part is hard, and he wants nothing to do with it.

    Plus he can start fundraising. Hey, I guess he needs to make up for the losses that the trump brand faces.

    If a merciful god exists, or if even ANY sort of moral values or justice exists, this maniac will be gone before summer.

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