Sunday tRump Roast – 02/26/2017

Here’s a nice tidbit the mainstream media isn’t broadcasting, as yet: Marla Maples’ divorce from Donald Trump was never finalized. That’s right. Marla and The Donald are still legally married. It appears that after all the papers were signed, new squabbles developed over Trump’s reluctance to pay alimony and divisions of property, so Marla never filed for a final decree.

What’s this mean? It means Trump’s marriage to Melania is not legally valid. This, in turn, means that she cannot be granted citizenship based on her marriage to The Donald. If so, she returns to green-card status, and, under Trump’s new immigration rules, subject to deportation.

Is Trump looking for wife #4?


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17 thoughts on “Sunday tRump Roast – 02/26/2017

  1. Please remember to unstick previous sticky posts. or don’t bother sticking public threads at all. This post was buried underneath two stuck posts. Sticking should be reserved for private threads so they don’t get lost. Just my opinion based on years of observation. Sticking the daily post isn’t really working the way we hoped.

    Carry on.

    • Not sure I understand where the problem lies. Over the course of four years, I never unstuck any previous posts, but always made mine sticky and they were always on top. The only time they weren’t on top was either when I forgot to make them sticky, or when I purposely didn’t stick them because others thought sticky was not the right way to go. I’ve only posted one as Private, and when I did I made it sticky and didn’t unstick any predecessors. It ended up on top.

      I guess I don’t understand the problem. Seems that if you want a post up top, make it sticky and it’ll be there — iow, the latest ‘sticky’ always ends up on top. Am I missing something?

      • Yes, you’re missing something. If no one makes a post ‘sticky’ the most recent post will always be on top. Since we’re only doing one open thread/post a day, there’s no need to make a post ‘sticky’.

        • Yes, but if anyone happens to make a post sticky, then if everyone makes their subsequent posts sticky there’s no need to worry about unsticking prev. posts. It’s only one mouse click to guarantee a post will be on top. Why not? Why take the chance that it’ll end up below?

          • “Why take the chance that it’ll end up below?”

            If no one makes a post ‘sticky’ they all stay in chronological order. Easy. Simple.

            • And if everyone makes their post sticky, the latest one also ends up on top. What’s the difference, other than if you make it sticky it WILL end up on top and if you don’t it might not? One mouse click is all it takes to ensure the top slot.

      • You never had to unstick your posts because I did it all the time. Every Saturday (or Monday), before Jane or I put up a post, I went through the previous posts and unstuck them. I did this because when people who did not write regularly would put up a post (like EV, for example), her post would end up behind three or four stuck posts and nobody would see it. And since there is almost never more than one new post per day, it doesn’t make sense to keep sticking them. It will always be on top.

        What does make sense is to only stick private posts since those could easily disappear.

        • But the newest sticky post always ends up on top, no unsticking necessary. Any time any poster wants to add a non-scheduled post, all s/he has to do is use that one mouse click and bingo, there the post is topside instead of buried. And there is never any reason to unstick the previous sticky ones, because the latest sticky always ends up on top and stays there until the next sticky post is added.

          The last post I put up a couple weeks ago wound up in the number two position so I edited it, mouse-clicked sticky, and when I clicked ‘Update’ it went to the top. I never checked to see if the prev. one was stick or not, and I most certainly never in four years found the need to unstick a single post.

          • But other posters are not sticking their posts! BnF doesn’t stick them, nor does any non-regular poster. I’m saying it isn’t necessary to stick public posts at all. If no posts are sticky, then the latest one will always be on top. If we stick just private posts, they’ll always be on top.

            • The same is true the other way. If everyone sticks every post, the latest post will always be on top, including private posts. The virtue of that is that NO new post will ever not be on top — and wasn’t that the start of this conversation yesterday? That BnF’ “tRump Roast” wasn’t on top until you unstuck two sticky posts? Unsticking is never necessary; if BnF had used that one extra mouse click and made the post sticky, it would have been on top.

              Myself, I never ever took the time to see if any previous posts were sticky, I just made my own sticky and it always wound up on top — except for the rare occasion when I forgot, and then all I ever had to do was a quick edit, click stick, and then bring it back. On top.

              I guess my only point is that if everyone made every post sticky, the latest one would always be on top, would never appear anywhere below. And that includes private posts. I guess I still don’t see any issue with sticky — the issue is always with the not sticky ending up somewhere below the top, and the remedy to that is simple. Sticky.

  2. Still a better weather report than what I can get from the teevee machine.
    I like this guy and I have a real soft spot in my heart for autistic people because… well I have reasons.

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