The Watering Hole, Hump Day, 3/1/17

Eighteen months ago, the No DaPL protests took the matter before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The Court convenes in the Peace Palace, and this author was fortunate enough to have visited it several years ago.

In a stunning ruling, the ICJ determined that not only was the United States of America violating the rights of the indigenous people, but that western Europeans have engaged in illegal wars of aggression  since the beginning of the 1500s.

Claims to north American by right of discovery are invalid, the Court explained, because there existed at the time an indigenous population whose rights to the land are superior to that of their illegal conquerors. Indeed, the only portion of the north American continent lawfully occupied by other than the original indigenous tribes is what is now called Manhattan. The ICJ found title to that land lawfully passed to to the Dutch in exchange for 60 guilders of trade goods.

The ICJ also found that claims to north America by right of conquest to be equally invalid, as a country that commits an illegal war of aggression cannot thereby obtain title to the land.

The international court’s ruling, though important, is largely symbolic. It lacks any means to enforce its ruling.


43 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Hump Day, 3/1/17

  1. Part of Nicole Wallace’s takeaway from Trump’s speech: “He went an hour and eight minutes without attacking the media, he went an hour and eight minutes without reminding everyone of the size of his electoral victories.” True, that he did, for a change.

  2. Trump is a totally disgusting example of what defines the dregs of human society; the bottom of the barrel; the shit pile in the basement of the outhouse. He is a despicable deplorable.

    Last night, the point where he used family members of murdered kin to support his undocumented immigrant deportation — the deceased subjects were murdered by ‘illegal immigrants’ — was the last straw. I’ll never take another word the orange shitgibbon utters seriously.

    Several ‘citizens’ have been murdered by “illegals.” Sad but true; but TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ‘CITIZENS’ ARE MURDERED BY FELLOW CITIZENS — and Trump’s reaction is to deport all undocumenteds even as he makes it easier for mentally-impaired nutcase citizens to buy guns, because the 2A is fucking sacred.

    I give up. Amurkkka is dead. The idiots have prevailed.

  3. As a newly named ‘illegal immigrant’, I am torn between taking the easy route and emigrating legally to Canada, a couple of hours to the north, or going back to my ancestral France, where I don’t speak the language and would be most unwelcome.
    Just can’t decide…heh…

    • Similar dilemma here. Canada, or Sweden. Of course, we all now know, thanks to Precedent Rump, that Sweden is under attack from refugee Islamic terrists, but I’ll bet they don’t speak Swedish either so I wouldn’t be alone in that regard. Canada, otoh, is about a hundred miles from where my sister lives in N. Minnesota, so maybe that’s better. I hear it gets cold up there, however. Maybe climate change will warm things?

      • The weather is about the same just north of Minnesota. Prairie’s can certainly be cold in the winter. Warmer out on the west coast. Southern Alberta close to the mountains has fairly mild winters – think Denver. For summer, southern Ontario is hot and humid just like NYC. Central BC is hotter but drier – think Utah!?. Prairie’s can be hot and filled with mosquito’s. The best summers are in southern Alberta. But maybe that’s just because that is where I am! LOL. Way out east has a real mixed bag of weather, shitloads of snow and some rain in the winter, summer can be hot and humid but not usually too hot. Not much out east for population unless you like less people!

  4. I’ve noticed that last night Trump again talked about building “a great great wall” along the southern border to keep them damn Mexicans out. I have a recommendation for him; I suggest he contact France and see if they still have the blueprints for their Maginot Line. It was built to keep them damn Germans out and it worked so well that I think Trump needs the directions on how to do it. What could go wrong?

    The Maginot Line — over the last week or two, we’ve been re-watching a bunch of “old” DVDs — first, the 1974 A&E documentary series titled “The World at War,” and next, the Dan Curtis productions of Herman Wouk’s “Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance.” Scary scary when one ponders the uncanny resemblance between the front end of Hitler’s Nazi movement and today’s version of (to coin a word) our own ‘Bannonazi’ movement currently underway. There are way way way too many similarities. Wonder why Hitler didn’t think to call his concentration camps “private prisons”? Would have been so less offensive. Maybe.

    • My father in law came from Germany in 1950 when he was 21. He bristles at anything Trump says. He hear’s Trump and sees Hitler.

    • I’m intrigued about the timing of this revelation since it happened on a Wednesday, not late on a Friday. Of course the further knowledge that Obama’s administration is responsible for disseminating damning information throughout the government once again show’s how on the ball Obama and his administration was!

      • Not just the gov, also close allies.

        The pattern of leaks and stories seems to be timed to pull the rug out from under anything the Tango Twatgrabber tries for – reading a teleprompter without drooling being lauded a ‘presidential moment’ for example…. same old fascist policies tho.

  5. West Virginia Progressive Radio host Bob Kincaid has a better acronym for Trump’s Blame the Aliens V.O.I.C.E.

  6. One can no longer compare the investigation of the orange shitgibbom’s Russian connection to a snowball rolling downhill; Its more aptly comparable to a rising flood caused by a melting glacier of evidence.

    • This is the tweet Kyle is referring to.

      • It appears that if brains were dynamite, Amanda couldn’t blow the wax out of her ears.

        Why are so many so in love with the War Department? Why do they also seem to detest any and all progress in Education? Are each and all Trumpisstas as stupid as he is? Just curious.

        • No, there are varying levels of stupidity among the ocean of ignorance that has kept the orange shitgibbon afloat. They range from the low IQ folks who really will never understand how stupid they are, past those who stupidly believe in the fantasies that the Vacuous, Onerous, Insane Chief Executive rants about and arrives to those who endorse the agenda with the stupid belief that their goal will make America and the world a better place.

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