Sunday tRump Roast – 3/5/17

From our friend and fellow critter, Wayne: Donald Trump, TV Star.

Click on the link for a clever parody of Jesus Christ, Superstar. (note, lyrics NSFW)

Ah, and enjoy our OPEN THREAD.




8 thoughts on “Sunday tRump Roast – 3/5/17

  1. Wayne, to me it had seemed like you were posting less and now I know why. Excellent job. Perhaps a local community theater group would be interested. I might even take a chance and send copies to people like Barbara Streisand and Stephen Colbert. I could also see a collage choral group having fun with it.

  2. This was on This Week:

  3. Thanks, BnF, and thank you everyone for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed reading it. And, by all means, anyone who wants to perform it is welcome. I left instructions on what to do with my royalties. 🙂

    Again, my sincere thanks.

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