4 thoughts on “Trump: Stephen Hawking Helped Clinton

  1. No satire in this one:

    Rick Wiles: A Satanic Child Murdering Cabal Is Leading A Coup Against President Trump

    End Times radio broadcaster and unhinged conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles dedicated his radio program yesterday to warning that a secretive pedophile ring is working to destroy President Trump before he can expose their murderous global network.

    Wiles said that Trump is “besieged by a slithering cabal of seditious snakes” who are attempting to carry out a coup against against him at the behest of the “perpetual war and pedophilia party that has ruled America since they assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963.”

    Wiles said that if Russia was responsible for leaking internal Clinton campaign emails, “then they deserve the highest citizenship award that this country can give anybody because they exposed the most vile, disgusting corruption I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

    “It’s about pedophilia,” Wiles said

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