Meanwhile, back at the ….

While the Republican plan to destroy healthcare for millions of Americans went down in flames, a little noticed resolution passed through Congress and is now awaiting signature on Trump’s desk.

The resolution simply rebrands ObamaCare as TrumpCare.

Polls show TrumpCare is favored over ObamaCare by a wide margin of people who voted for Trump in the last election.




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  1. Quite often, in political parties, a ‘circular firing squad’ is referred to. This year’s Republican Party actually has two sides with a no-man’s land in between firing back and forth. On one side, are the members who believe the ACHA harmed too many people, and on the other, the members who believe the ACHA didn’t harm enough people. That isn’t Paul Ryan’s fault, it isn’t Trump’s fault, and it certainly isn’t Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s fault. Ryan pulling the bill kept his members from having to take an unpopular vote, and stick their necks out with their constituents, only to have the bill either squeak by in the House, and fail in the Senate, or fail initially in the House. But it would have put them on the record, and in politics, you only do that if you can pass your legislation, and put your policy into law.

    Re: Trumpcare. I’m sure everybody saw the clip of the woman bragging about how much better off her family is now that Trumpcare is taking care of them, even though no legislation had been passed.

  2. I’m an insurance agent, I’ve pretty much witnessed the whole train wreck and it’s affect on a lot of good people. The Risk Corridor fiasco could have been stopped, and wasn’t. If it had been, the ACA would have functioned as projected after year three.

    If Republicans were smart, they would take the lead and let anyone 50 through 65 buy into Medicare at reasonable rates and let those under 50 buy through the marketplace.

    Insurance companies would be salivating all over themselves to offer affordable plans to that sector of society, while sending the older, sicker people to the Medicare pool. A 55 year old would gladly pay reasonable per month premium for Medicare, and those premiums would more than help offset costs instead of payroll deductions and payments to Medicare by he and his employer.

    The Government doesn’t really have a dog in the hunt. Medicare moneys are funds from individual’s payroll deduction and their employers contributions. The greedy immoral republicans like Ryan and Trump just want to get their hands on a couple of trillion dollars of private money to hand to their oligarch brethren.
    I think it would be the first step toward single payer health care, and an easier transition to get there.

    It would “could” make everyone happy…Employer’s group premiums go down, Insurance companies risk would nosedive, Medicare would receive more monies, Older Americans would have a safety net in retirement, younger Americans would enjoy really affordable rates, and then, the republicans would look like heroes….but still not be happy, unable to deliver billions to their masters.

    • To add: Older workers would be valued for their experience, instead of looked upon as a drag on the company insurance.

      • And employers would be looking at reduced payroll tax and lower employee premiums.

    • Great points. I just heard that odious Bract (sp) freedom caucus from VA, say for the thousandth time WITHOUT ANY REFUTATION from his CNN a interviewers, that MEDICARE and Social Security are insolvent!
      Despite the fact that what he said is currently false, The math with MEDICARE is obvious — more health care dollars go to actual spending on health care than any other program in our country. And as to Social Security, raising or (better still) eliminating the income cap on contributions would more than solve the problem. Oh, and the problem was created by the SS money being used for tax cuts, etc, and never paid back in the first place.

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