The Watering Hole, Thursday, March 30, 2017: Open Thread

What was that news story about that guy with the thing who was going to do something or other, or not? Remind me what it was below. Thanks.

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I'm a Liberal, Libertarian, Atheist Humanist. I believe that though the world is a dangerous place, it can be made better if we stop dividing ourselves by how we're different from each other, and reach out to each other through what we have in common. And that is that we are all human beings on this planet. Please remember that.

10 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, March 30, 2017: Open Thread

  1. I watched some of the Senate hearing this morning. In the testimony recommendations were made to redirect defense spending to train people to fight the cyberwar we are in and the soon to come virtual reality war. Maybe we could just have a contest between nations playing war games, along the lines of March Madness.

    • Any poor bastard that hacks my computer is going to get 10 looped hours of He-Man singing Heyeyeyey what’s going on. I’ve been doing this for two days now. It’s driving people bonkers. That’s my version of cyber warfare. It’s effective.

  2. The whole incidental collection is a thinly disguised crimson herring. Has nothing to do with the Criminal ties that the Trumpista cabal has with the Russkis.
    Only when we find out whether or not Trump was sold the .05 percent interest in Rosnoft will we know the truth. He’ll fight that to the impeachment trial.

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