The Watering Hole, 4/19/17: Trump Creates New Cabinet Position

Trump signed a new executive order over the Easter weekend creating a new Cabinet-level position: Department of Linguistics.

The Department of Linguistics department will be tasked with removing foreign words from the English language. Over the past centuries too many foreign words have illegally immigrated into the English language, destroying its purity and greatness as the greatest of all languages. Removing these foreign words is a high priority for the Trump Administration as it continues its quest to Make America Great Again.

Insiders report Sarah Palin is highly favored to become the new Secretary of Linguistics.



15 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, 4/19/17: Trump Creates New Cabinet Position

  1. The only qualification for being Secretary of Linguistics is proving your pure-bred Aryan lineage.
    Oh, and blue eyes…well, Ok, blue or hazel, but only blondes with hazel eyes need apply.

  2. And, on a more funnish note, looks like the gummint will be shutting down April 29th.
    Health subsidy demand jams up shutdown fight
    So, the Dems have some leverage, and can basically force the R’s to
    a. Repeal ACA (which we have seen they can’t do…)
    b. Pony up the reimbursements (which the reich wing won’t let them do…)
    c. Let the gummint run out of money.

    I’m voting for c, if and only if, Trump has to then move out of the White House because he can’t pay the rent.

    • Speaking of Trump moving out of the White House – – ’tis a fact that His Greatness moved into subsidized housing recently vacated by a black family. ‘Tis also a fact that Her Greatness refused to move in. hmmmmmm…….

      • There’s probably an issue with the “separate but equal Bathrooms” that Donald still believes in. He ain’t about to use a toilet that a black man or woman sat on.

  3. Hi, guys. I’m still sans cat but I’m doing better. Since I didn’t have to take care of a critter I got away for a couple days and, presto! Bill0 gets fired.

    I think I’ll pack a rucksack and head for the hills for a week in the hopes that bigger fish will be fried.


      • Thanks, Zooey. I’m, almost, always safe.

        The trout season, here in Minnesota, started last weekend and I’m going to get out as much as possible during the next two weeks. I don’t really think that I will influence world events but I will still add in my little bit of black magic in hopes of making a difference.

        • You’ll influence your own world events, and that’s important all by itself. 🙂

          And a little black magic for the rest of the world couldn’t hurt. 😉

  4. Frankie is still the coolest Pope in my lifetime.

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