Trumpcare Spurs Mass Exodus

In the wake of the House passage of Trumpcare, seniors by the thousands are packing up and leaving Florida, heading north to Canada. Beginning midday on Thursday, interstate highways 75 and 95 have seen a steady stream of Winnebagos, campers and pickups hauling 5th wheels heading north.

Low income seniors are fleeing to Canada en masse to avoid Trumpcare’s massive premium increases. For example, a low income senior making $27,000 per year could see her net premiums increase from $1,700 to $14,600 a year. And that’s just based on age. Since most senior citizens have one or more preexisting conditions, they will be forced into Trumpcare’s high-risk/high premium pools. Even moderate income seniors with preexisting conditions could see premiums exceeding their total income. For those with life-threatening conditions such as cancer, Trumpcare is seen as a death sentence.

Even though Trumpcare has yet to pass the Senate, a sampling of seniors at a rest stop along I-75 in Georgia indicates they are not willing to risk their lives on the Senate, especially since Trumpcare can get through the Senate with a bare majority. With 52 Republican Senators, and Vice President Pence’s tie-breaking vote, most seniors fear anything coming out of the Senate would be even more devastating than the House version.

Canada responded to the miles-long string of migrating seniors late Friday night by closing border crossings from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, traffic has backed up, causing gridlock in the Tri-State area. Canadian Mounties accompanied by trained grizzly bears are patrolling the woods and forests along the border to prevent illegal crossings.

Meanwhile housing prices in Florida have seen the bottom fall out of the market, as seniors fleeing to Canada flood the market with houses for sale.  The Florida housing market has already taken a major hit as rising sea levels put mortgages under water, along with an estimated 1 house in 8 being literally under water.

Seniors on the West Coast are more laid-back, as Washington, Oregon and California State Legislatures continue to work on leaving the Union.



12 thoughts on “Trumpcare Spurs Mass Exodus

  1. If that doesn’t work they could always have a Medicare Boat Lift to Cuba.

  2. I know that the health insurance “Industry” hates the responsibility to cover pre-existing conditions, and I know that Republicans are doing their best to work the problem, to phase out any ‘responsibility’ of insurers to provide coverage. What I wonder is simple: what exactly is a pre-existing condition? I know about things like, say, diabetes, M.S, cancer, autism, congenital heart disease, birth defects, pregnancy, etc., and those would be easy enough for big insurance to void when it comes to healthcare payment. What I wonder, though, is this: say I come down with a fever and go see a doc, and he says I’ve got the flu. Since I obviously had it before I got to the doc, does that mean it’s a pre-existing condition and my insurance carrier isn’t obligated to pay for treatment? If the Repubs could come up with a bill that mandates insurance for everyone, and then if they could sneak something like that in via the fine print, the insurance companies would never have to pay for anything, and think how much their CEOs could take home! Plus, they could say that since everybody has insurance, it’s called Universal Coverage, just like in the rest of the civilized world!

    Since one of my Colorado senators is in the senate’s gang of 12 that’s going to rewrite the House version of Trumpcare, I’m thinking of sending this idea to him (Cory Gardner) and see what he can do with it!! Maybe I can even negotiate a raise in Social Security of, say 20 bucks every month as payback!

    Second question: what kind of healthcare do they have in Bora Bora? Do they accept Amurkkkan refugees? I think I could stand living there, maybe. No Trump and all.

    • The most wondrous and fascinating thing about free market Capitalism is if you can’t make a profit in a business, you can get out of it. Happened to buggy whip manufacturers years ago. Sad but that’s the biz.

      • Clearly the Republicans that were around when buggy whips crashed were a lot different that what’s out there today. Today, they work to keep “yesterday” on the payroll allthewhile remaining determined to keep “tomorrow” OFF the payroll. See coal v. wind/solar, e.g.

        • Change is evil. We know this because the world is perzactly the same as it was 6,000 years ago. Well, except for the US.

          • Yes. 6000 years ago Amurkkka was Injuns, but they didn’t even have horses yet. And then “we” arrived 500 yrs ago and brought lotsa stuff — measles, smallpox, VD, flintlocks, tea, Christ & his dad, cannons, and even horses, iirc — and then later, slaves, Teh Stupid, the Drumpfs, etc.

            Me, I prefer Lakota, Navajo, Pima, Cherokee, Ute, Hopi, Nez Perce, Comanche, Shawnee, Inuit, Apache, Algonquin, Tohono O’odham (who do NOT want that damn wall!) — well, you know. Not sure where Republicans came from — swamp overflow, near as I can tell (GOP x IQ/LOW = SWAMP), but they’re definitely not Dinetah, not of The People.

            Hmmm. We were better off 6000 yrs ago. Far out! Why is that?? Hmmm.

  3. This from NPR:

    Warren Buffet,The ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Condemns Republican Health Care Bill At Berkshire Meeting.

    If the Republican bill had been law last year, he said, “my federal taxes would have gone down 17 percent last year, so it’s a huge tax cut for guys like me.”

    “That is in the law that was passed a couple days ago,” he added. “Anybody with $250,000 a year of adjusted gross income and a lot of investment income is going to have a huge tax cut.”

    In the past, Buffett has bristled at tax policy that he sees as favoring the wealthy — famously saying it’s not fair that he pays taxes at a lower rate than his secretary.

    Buffett said at the meeting that health care costs have become a bigger issue for American businesses than taxes.

    He said if you go back to about 1960, corporate taxes were about 4 percent of GDP and now they’re about 2 percent of GDP. At that time, healthcare was 5 percent of GDP and now it’s 17 percent of GDP. “So when American business talks about taxes strangling our competitiveness,” he said, “they’re talking about something that as a percentage of GDP has gone down from 4 to 2.” Meanwhile, medical costs have exploded. “So medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness,” he said.

    He argued against the tax system crippling competitiveness “or anything of the sort.” He also noted that other developed countries appear to have found better ways to contain medical costs.

    • We should have elected Buffet as President. He sounds like he’d have the right ideas about taxes and healthcare as opposed to a cur like Trump.
      To be fair, in 1960 the medical profession didn’t have so many expensive machines to be paid for, that add so much to the cost of care. Outcomes are better, now, but we have to pay for those machines. Some GOPer was saying the other day that we need more competition in medical care, and there needs to be more such machines, like MRIs, to drive down costs. The more machines, the higher the costs. In my town we have the Huntsville Healthcare Authority which limits the number of hospital beds to keep demand in line with supply. If the AMA keeps demand for doctors high, and entities like HHA keeps supply in line, there can be no competition in healthcare. Couple that with LEGAL collusion by the Insurance companies, which is in conflict with anti-trust laws, but given an exemption, and there’s no way competition lowers costs.

      • I’d like to see a CBO estimate of what the healthcare cost reduction would be if every shred of private (corporate) health insurance was replaced by Universal Single Payer. Remove insurance company profits and costs, iow, and substitute gov’t admin and zero profit.

        Then open the pharma door to, say, Canadian drug imports, etc. and see how much that would save. etc. etc. etc.

  4. Some Wall Street Journal guy on Reliable Sources just said they give Fox News ‘extra scrutiny’, because they’re both owned by the same company. Yeah, I bet their ‘extra scrutiny’ makes sure not to embarrass each other by reporting facts unflattering to Rupert Murdoch.

  5. When the Senate finishes with their ‘re-write, and it goes back to the House of Whorers, There’ll be t he gnashing of dentures and tearing of plugs and stalemate again.
    Drimpf will be grumpy and the Congress will be thumpy, and they’ll blame it all on the democrat party.
    Just another month in DrumpfHell.

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