Daily Nuze

Good Morning Zoosterians.

This is my first attempt at a daily thread, hope it works.
Well, aside from the new editor page not working to show the anchors, I guess this is OK. I’ll try to get the HTML working for the next post. Let me know if the links don’t work…

I will have several posts a week if all works out, including topics such as Daily Nuze, The Jobs Aren’t Coming Back, and What the H*ll.

This morning’s top articles:

Who the hell would want to work for This Guy

Trump faces shrinking talent pool for new hires. No kidding. As the new press secretary, your prelim meeting goes something like:

Now remember, the truth is what is between the Prezidunce’s ears, nothing else should concern you, now get out there and defend his misquotes and fabrications, dammit!

ht/ The Hill


And, in the same vein:

‘Who wants to sign up for crazy?‘: Trump looks to GOP establishment — but they want no part of him

h/t Raw Story


And, one more story of interest this AM

 AP: Trump Has Been Giving World Leaders His Cellphone Number

That’s one way to try to be popular, albeit a somewhat risky one…

h/t TPM

RUCerious @ TPZoo


19 thoughts on “Daily Nuze

  1. Thanks for the new post, you’re doing good.

    As far as the orange shitgibbon giving out his cell phone number I would love to see someone he gives it to do what he did with Lindsey Graham’s number.

    Since the presidunce has previously boasted about not hiring people smarter than him he’s eliminated 75% of the world’s population.

  2. “Drain the swamp” Oh really?
    Donald, there’s been a slight misunderstanding on your part, said the GOP.
    You get to empty the porta potty’s at a lollapalooza concert with a teaspoon.
    That is how effective you are. Please try to stay ahead of the flow.

    • I do like ‘Daily Gnus’ – you don’t have to go lay by your dish. 🙂

      I’m just glad to have RUC serve up some tidbits accented by his unique humorous style. I just haven’t been up to the task lately, and this freaking New York weather isn’t helping – rainy or overcast five days out of seven for the last few weeks. At least tonight we had the diversion of a nice lightning storm. 😀

    • Thanks Y’all. I’m working a couple of 12 hour shifts in my new job, and have about half an hour early in the am to research and post…Catch ya tomorrow…

  3. Covfefe: A distasteful shade of orange that causes vomiting and seizures when viewed for any extensive period of time.

    • Either that or it’s the way an idiot who’s half asleep and buzzed on coke screws up on his phone’s “keyboard” by simultaneously hitting ‘v’ when aiming for ‘f’ and then finishes the misspelling of “coffee” by putting the last ‘f’ between the two e’s, then conks for six hours before hitting the delete button.

      • My guess is that whoever was assigned to watch him caught him mid-tweet and activated his shock collar.

  4. I went out to take in the cool morning air and stepped in a pile of covfefe….what a way to start the day!

  5. I went outside to take in the cool, fresh morning air and discovered I’d stepped into a pile of covfefe…..what a way to start the day!

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