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That is what our country has become.
We are now outside the environmental mainstream that understands and agrees on the science that shows the earth warming due to human intervention that has accelerated since the Industrial Age.

The nations that remain in the Paris Climate Accord should consider imposing a damage control fee. It is estimated that this decision, if not reversed, will add .03 degrees to the environment by the turn of the next century.
An appropriate penalty IMHO, would be a 10% surcharge on all products made in this country that are shipped to any abiding nation.
Those monies would be put to use in mitigation efforts against the damages that will be caused by increased erosion, rising sea levels and the human misery caused by the temperature increase.

In other GNUZ;
The Trump administration’s key lackey posits a dubious claim
Trump economic adviser Cohn says coal can be competitive again: CNBC h/t Raw Story
Wait till those coal miners finally get it. Their industry is dead, the JOBS AREN’T COMING BACK

Trump is probably looking at this as an opportunity to have Barron lead the re-negotiation of the Paris Climate Accord, but…
World leaders warn Trump: ‘Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated’ Sorry Barron, you’ll have to wait till you get out of high school to have your turn at Nepotism kick in.
Assuming, of course, your daddy is still the prezidunce. h/t The Hill

And, finally,
This explains a lot
Trump Got Advice From Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle Before Withdrawing From Paris Accord h/t C&L
The Low Information Prezidunce.

RUCerious @ TPZoo

13 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

    • Former preacher, now Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) puts it this way:

      “I believe there’s climate change. I believe there’s been climate change since the beginning of time. I believe there are cycles. Do I think man has some impact? Yeah, of course. Can man change the entire universe? No.”

      “As a Christian, I believe that there is a creator in God who is much bigger than us. And I’m confident that, if there’s a real problem, he can take care of it.”

      Not to worry, i.o.w. God will save us. Probably by wielding his heavenly covfefe.

      • The Preachin’ Congressasshole moved the goalposts there: “Can man change the entire universe? No.”

        Hey, Preacher, hows abouts we just start with our hemisphere, mkay? Whatever happened to the whole biblical ‘man is the STEWARD of Nature’? How did that change to ‘man is the RAPIST of Nature/?

  1. I saw somewhere that some rightwing nutjobs want to boycott Heineken so I picked up an 18 pack today! I’ve decided to try out laughing out loud at hearing “Trump” or “President” spoken by anyone within a 5′ radius of me, whether I’m part of a conversation or not. I’ve already exhorted “What a jackass” while pointing at some rag on a rack waiting in line at the grocery store.

    • I have upped my intake of refried beans, lentils and broccoli for much the same reason. I figure if I’m going to be socially unacceptable, I want maximize the fun.

  2. Conservative Wisdom Personified:

    Ann Coulter‏Verified account @AnnCoulter

    Trump’s decision on Paris accord has lefties everywhere shitting bricks. Now if they could just sh*t some rebar, we could build the wall!

  3. I got to see Halestorm last Sunday at “Herrinfesta”, where Herrin IL is about 6 miles from where I live. Of the 300 pictures I took, these 28 came out OK. Snapfish will probably want you to register with them to see these pictures, but folks tell me they don’t abuse the privilege:


    Otherwise, the same pictures are viewable at FB. I have marked the album “public”:

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