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Good Morning all, and Happy First Sunday in June!

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Under the heading of ‘watch out what you ask for’ comes this

Trump’s ‘big story’ on unmasking might reveal more on ties to Russia
Perhaps the term ‘unmasking’ confuses our Prezidunce. Methinks he considers it a ‘find the leaker’ exercise. The tweeter machine can lead to unexpected avenues.  h/t The Hill


 Trump plans week-long focus on infrastructure, starting with privatizing air traffic control

When I consider necessary infrastructure, my mind conjures up high speed rail, road and bridge repair, and useful stuff like that. About the last thing considered would be a giveaway to corporate greed.  h/t The WaPo


  After London attack, Trump urges travel ban, end to political correctness

Ah, yes. The simple explanation. If only we weren’t so damn politically correct, we could round  up all the scary  brown people for a ‘final solution’

Open Thread Y’all, come and get it!

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  1. They used a truck and a knife because they couldn’t just go to the nearest gun show and buy something even more deadly, no questions asked.

  2. Little lord feltersnatch signed an executive order today to remove US from the Honda Accord.

  3. I see that infrastructure is on the agenda for the week. I’m particularly interested in what will be proposed that will affect railroads. I would not be surprised to see appropriations to develop new, clean coal steam engines!

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