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It’s Monday.

Yes, I know, that’s not gnuz, that’s just depressing.

However, here are a few tidbits to chew on…

NSA Chief Mike Rogers ‘May have his own bomb to drop’ Wednesday   –ht/ C&L

Which brings up the question, would the orange jumpsuit go better with gold or chrome bracelets?



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 After Calls To ‘Get Down’ To Business, Trump Goes On 23rd Trip To Golf Course –h/t TPM

23 Golf Excursions in 19 weeks of feebly Preziduncing. Some kind of record.



 Trump: I am calling it a ‘TRAVEL BAN!’ –h/t The Hill

Almost tragicomical that this Prezidunce doesn’t get it. Yes, Mr. Prezidunce, it is a travel ban…applied only to predominantly Muslim nations. Nations whose citizens have no record of committing terrorist acts here in the USA. Your intent is abundantly clear, dumbkoff.


Open Thread (300 count), Have At It.

RUCerious @ TPZoo

18 thoughts on “The Daily Gnuz

  1. In response to Chris Matthews talking about Comey’s upcoming testimony i thought “I better clear my calendar for that!” A second later I realized that I don’t even have a calendar, and a further realization that, in my life at least, it really doesn’t matter what day it is anymore.

  2. Nothing to see here!

    “It’s hard to see any U.S. ties to Russia…except for the Flynn thing and the Manafort thing and the Tillerson thing and the Sessions thing and the Kushner thing and the Carter Page thing and the Roger Stone thing and the Felix Sater thing and the Boris Ephsteyn thing and the
    Rosneft thing and the Gazprom thing and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing and the Azerbajain thing and the “I love Putin” thing and the Donald Trump, Jr. thing and the Sergey Kislyak thing and the Russian Affiliated Interests thing and the Russian Business Interests thing and the Emoluments Clause thing and the Alex Schnaider thing and the hack of the DNC thing and the Guccifer 2.0 thing and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing and the Russians mysteriously dying thing and Trump’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing and
    the Trump house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Trump rally campaign thing and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing and the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing and the Cyprus bank thing and Trump not releasing his tax returns thing and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Trump to show his taxes thing and the election hacking thing and the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing and the Steele Dossier thing and the Leninist Bannon thing and the Sally Yates can’t testify thing and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing and the Trump reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing and the Spicer’s Russian Dressing “nothing’s wrong” thing and the Chaffetz not willing to start an investigation thing and the Chaffetz suddenly deciding to go back to private life in the middle of an investigation thing and the The Lead DOJ Investigator Mary McCord SUDDENLY in the middle of the investigation decides to resign thing and the appointment of Pam Bondi who was bribed by trump in the trump university scandal appointed to head the investigation thing and the The White House going into full-on cover-up mode, refusing to turn over the documents related to the hiring and subsequent firing of Flynn thing and the Chaffetz and White House blaming the poor vetting of Flynn on Obama thing and the Poland and British intelligence gave information regarding the hacking back in 2015 to Paul Ryan and he didn’t do anything thing and the Agent M16 following the money thing And now the trump team KNEW about Flynn’s involvement but hired him anyway thing and The Corey Lewendowski thing and the Preet Bharara firing thing but before he left he transferred evidence against trump to a state level Schneiderman thing And the Betsy Devos’ Brother thing And the Sebastian Gorka thing And the Greg Gianforte from Montana thing And the pence actually was warned about Flynn before he was hired thing and the Pence and Manafort connection thing And the 7 Allies coming forward with audio where trump was picked up in incidental wire tapping thing and the carter Page defying the Senate’s order to hand over his Russian contact list AND NOW the trump wants to VETO Sally Yates’ testimony thing!!! SO yeah, there’s probably nothing

    • All of which is PROOF that Obama spent most of his last year (maybe more) in the Oval Office working desperately to prevent, by any available hook or crook, Trump from winning the office of Presidency that God has willed him to have to save Amuirkkka!!!

  3. If you click on the tweet, it should expand and show you all his replies to himself. Based on this, Jared Kushner should have charged with Espionage long before Reality Winner was.

    • Despite their supposed wealth, it sounds like the Kushner ’empire’ could come crashing down without a quick infusion of cash, and the loan they are looking for includes $50 million, just for family expenses apparently.

  4. Mark Twain, updated.

    Speaking of idiots, Twain once noted:

    “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself.” ~Mark Twain

    “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made School Boards.” ~Mark Twain

    Current proposed (appropriate) modification(s):

    “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But then I repeat myself.”

    “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made Donald Trump.”

    • Meanwhile, among those of us who are not power-crazed or just, plain, nuts… Saudi Arabia has probably created and exported more terrorists than Qatar has citizens. In fact, even during the disastrous reign of Bushco, Qatar was held up as a shining example of what can happen when “the West” works with the “Muslim world” instead of working at odds.

      A cynic might say that this move has two prongs. The first and foremost is that it would give Trumpy an easy target to attack. The second is that Trumpy can suck up to the Saudis and give even more wealth to his oil industry cronies.

      An optimist would say that this is just another example of Trumpy being clueless and Saudi Arabia is playing him like the fool he is.

      Wait a minute! Optimism is obsolete!

        • Not yet, pachy. Thank’s for asking.

          I’m in a bit of a financial bind, spending most of my free hours fishing, still looking for the late kitty trying to escape every time I open my door, and it’s just not quite time yet.

          Did I mention the fishing? Yesterday I caught and released the largest freshwater fish, y a full foot, of my life. It was a lake sturgeon and was, as near as I can figure since I couldn’t manage to get it completely out of the water, 52″-54″ long and approaching fifty pounds! It completely shattered my reel but I was still able to drag it up on the mud far enough to get a rough measurement.

          The totally hilarious part is that I slipped on said mud while guiding it back into the water and couldn’t quite find a way to crawl back up the bank. The phrase my friends and I use is “slicker than owl shit” for some reason. I tried slipping off my shoes and digging in with my fingers and toes but eventually had to wade and swim to a pile of rocks about 50 yards downstream in order to climb out. If someone had been around to take video of my epic battle? It would have already gone viral! Something like “Old coot falls in river, can’t get out”. At least I didn’t get arrested for “swimming” in an area that is clearly marked “No Swimming” and I managed to rinse off enough stinky river mud that I didn’t get kicked off the bus when I went home!

          • Whereabouts were you fishing? A river, you said. I assume Twin Cities area. Minnesota R, maybe? Mississippi? Which way from Ft. Snelling? Just curious. Haven’t been up that way for thirty-some years, but various fond memories occasionally pop up.

            • Hi, Frugal. I was fishing in the Mississippi in downtown St. Paul. It’s a few miles downstream (East) of Fort Snelling and a hundred yards or so west of the Robert St. bridge. Perhaps a mile west of Highway 52. I live in West Saint Paul and it’s about a 15 minute bus ride.

              I am absolutely amazed at the variety and size of the fish I’ve been catching. A lot of people, apparently, overlook fishing downtown and the stretch I fish is catch and release for walleye and black bass so it doesn’t get much pressure. I don’t mind at all because there’s a good lake for catching sun fish within walking distance and I much prefer pan fish or trout or even catfish to walleye. I realize that I could be run out of Minnesota on a rail for refusing to say walleye is my favorite fish but; I can not tell a lie (About stuff I take as seriously as fishing!). It’s not that I’m averse to eating them when caught in clean water but they don’t have anything in particular that excites my taste buds; which is probably why most Minnesotans love them. My friends and neighbors just don’t seem to be all that into anything with a distinctive taste. I’ve even included it in one of my songs…

              Ja, That’s too spicy. I can really taste the dill!


            • Minnesota fish — reminds me of my dad who liked to say he had a great recipe for Minnesota carp. He called it ‘planked carp,’ and it was easy to fix. All you needed was a fresh-caught carp, a short piece of a Norway Pine plank, and a hot oven. Put the carp on the plank, put it in the oven, and roast it for an hour. Then take it out, throw the carp in the shit can, and eat the plank.

              I never tried it, but it does sound like it could work! 🙂

  5. Legislature overrides Brownback’s veto of bill that rolls back his 2012 tax cuts

    The Republican dominated Kansas Legislature that has soured on Gov. Sam Brownback’s vision for the state voted late Tuesday to roll back the governor’s signature tax cuts.

    Lawmakers voted to override Brownback’s veto of a tax plan estimated to bring the state more than $1.2 billion over a two-year span.

    The Senate vote was 27 to 13, and the House followed by agreeing 88 to 31 to supersede the Republican governor’s wishes on the tax plan and force the changes into law.

    Lawmakers marshaled together a coalition of moderate Republicans, conservatives and Democrats to overcome the governor’s opposition to seeing his landmark tax cuts, which have in large part come to define his tenure in Topeka, fundamentally come to an end.

    Kochistan finally realizes their economic model isn’t sustainable. Unfortunately, passing a tax hike to recover what was lost for the last five years will be much harder to accomplish, so the thieves get to keep their loot.

    • K(ochist)ansans have only one remaining option when it comes to pursuing carefree happiness: they can drive into neighboring Colorado, buy some legal pot (and help out Colorado’s schools in the process), then hide it somewhere, drive home, and when the coast is clear, light up or munch away and find that elusive happiness.

      It’s so simple that it’s possible even a Republican could pull it off.

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