Daily Gnuz

Lots of GNUZ today

Obamacare insurers abandon two counties in Washington state, insurance commissioner blames Trump administration h/t CNBC
Thank you, Commissioner Kreidler, for telling it like it is…

 This Slumlord Is Donald Trump’s Good Pal h/t The Nation
Another of Trump’s pals enriching himself at the expense of the average American…

Is the special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction of justice? h/t The Hill
I certainly effing hope so…

Forbes: Eric Trump Foundation Appears To Have Paid Charity Money To Trump Org h/t TPM
from the shithead rich kid who says
Eric Trump calls father’s critics ‘not even people’ h/t NY Daily News
Rotten apples falling straight down into the muck of their father’s cesspool.

Open Thread, sorry it’s so late, computer crashing daily, worked this up on my laptop…

RUCerious @ TPZoo

9 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. The biggest question: how to explain the 62 million that voted for herr Drumpf? With a total population of, say, 310 million, that means a full 20% have less gray matter than the normal sewer roach. Is that global, or only in countries with an active Republican Party?


    • I was reading about an early American village, East Bloomfield, Ontario County, New York. Formed about 1793, by 1800 the town had grown enough to have acquired a poor person. The town held an auction and the low bidder was awarded the responsibility to provide the person with comfortable accommodations and food for a year. Other communities I’ve read about hired Overseers of the Poor which, I suppose, indicates taxpayer funds were being expended on deadbeat losers even by our founding ancestors!

      • That’s really interesting, I wonder what constituted being labeled as “poor” in those days – no job, no home, no horse? Just plain ‘no money’?

        If conservatives knew about this, they’d probably call it proof that our founding fathers were good christians. 😦

  2. Just found this article in The Nation. I hate like hell to say this, but it may be that we have to go through a period of intense, painful Republicanizational pain to ensure that at least one body of the federal legislature is removed from conservative republican control. The people who voted for republicans, Trump and others need to see that elections have consequences.
     Senate Republicans Hope You Won’t Notice They’re About to Repeal Obamacare

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