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Trump attorney won’t rule out firing Mueller h/t Politico
Somebody’s very, very worried that the game is afoot.


Gingrich: Time to rethink special counsel Mueller h/t The Hill
This, after The Amphipian’s unequivocal praise for the SC “a “superb choice” with an “impeccable” reputation for honesty and integrity”…Something’s changed, like his hiring of qualified investigators…


Trump is likely to get much, much worse. Here are a few big things to watch for. h/t Greg Sargent’s Plum Line

Open Thread, whaddya think?

RUCerious @ TPZoo

21 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

    • That is just despicable, made even worse by the fact that it’s airing on fucking FATHER’S DAY. Why don’t you just rip the victims’ fathers’ hearts out on live TV, Megyn? That would be “riveting”, wouldn’t it, bitch?

  1. Interesting article on “local” consequences of climate change in North America, with emphasis on the Southwest, but by no means limited thereto.

    Dust Bowl-ification of U.S. Southwest leads to 8-fold jump in Valley Fever cases

    Climate change is having a very immediate health effect on Americans  . . . It . . . is creating conditions for brain-eating parasites . . .

    That explains the ever-rising number of Republicans out here in the Southwest, possibly elsewhere too. Maybe even Trump?

      • Something I learned in college, freshman year, 1960-61, gracias to my very first dorm roomie (he was from Iowa, a factoid which should aid in the explanation):

        If, in a small closed room, your roomie happens to have a problem with intestinal gas late at night, it takes only 2-3 farts to change the “nature” of the entire room, potentially enough to cause the other “Men” to flee, to GTFO ASAP, or to open the windows sufficiently to (in winter) cause frostbite for all concerned.

        I’ve never done the calculation to determine exactly how many ppm 2-3 farts add to the the contamination of the total volume of the room, but I’m guessing it’s about the same as global fossil fuel burning has currently impacted the earth’s biosphere.

        The difference: we on the earth have no windows to open.

        • I asked my son the Chicago Fire Paramedic knowing he would have an answer. Here’s his response:

          “I carry a co meter on my radio at work. I can tell you that a good Earthy (no pun intended) can result in an ambient/ fart zone reading of 15 to 20 ppm co reading. Well beyond the IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health) safe levels dictated by OSHA.”

          • I do know that three farts in a closed room of ~2500 cu. ft. results in a situation that is definitely and “immediately dangerous to life and health,” so kudos to your son for working to keep Chicago safe!

  2. A great quote on FB yesterday..

    “I love the right-wingers claim that they never complained about Obama”

    In fact they did.

    “The difference is they complained about Obama’s choice of hamburger topping, we’re complaining because Trump is wiping his ass with The Constitution.”

    • I remember the constant R bitching about Obama playing golf. Not a whisper about Trump who does little else than play golf and tweet — plus spending a million or two of Federal dollars every weekend to fly to one of his golf courses. Crickets. SO unlike the time Obama went to India, and the R’s quickly screamed about how they’d heard that it was costing us $200 million per day . . . etc.

      I’m guessing that being black is bad. Being a Dem is bad. But being a Black Dem POTUS is flat-assed HORRIBLE and a crime against all of humanity.

      It’s OK, though, to be an orange shitgibbon anti-constitutional asswipe in the Oval Office, esp. one who’s managed to put into place the fact that POTUS has now come to mean “Putin Owns The U.S.” Finally we have a fearless leader who’s a far right-winger fascist white guy, and who looks great without a shirt! Yeehaw!!

  3. Read an article yesterday wherein Sen Schumer was conducting a parody of the Trump ‘Cabinet Meeting’, wherein all Cabinet members praised the feckless leader and no actual cabinet business took place. This smacks of Prince Reebus trying to save his phony baloney job.
    Trump reminds me of Caligula.
    Or, perhaps the prezidunce is just so insecure and narcissist that he would rather hear his minions pledge fealty, loyalty and praise than do the hard work of governing.
    Or, like Caligula, he’s criminally insane to boot.

  4. I was trying to figure out who his light bulb shaped head reminded me of…I looked up Ray Walston, of My Favorite Martian fame, and was close, but he really reminds of some one whose shape resembles the incandescent light bulb.
    There’s an old saying, some people spread happiness and light where ever they go, and the Sessionses of the world spread light and happiness whenever they go.

  5. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise wounded in shooting in Alexandria, Va. Others also taken to area hospitals. Republicans were at baseball field practicing for tomorrow’s Dem v Rep baseball game.

    • Apparently the shooter was a white guy with an assault rifle. Militia? Oath Keeper? If one of those, it’s likely that in his “mind” he feels everything he did is his constitutional right to do. Second Amendment, plus “that thar uther line, the one what says — lemmee try readin it: ‘… whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.'” Praise god. Something like that.

      Anyone out there dare to think an event where Republican senators and reps are shot at by a nutcase with an assault rifle will convince their GOP reps and senators that assault rifles serve no useful purpose other than to further enable violence and murder and that they should, therefore, be forever banned?

      Me neither.

      • I think it’s far more likely that there will be revenge shootings of alleged “libruls” by this time tomorrow and, should it be born out that the shooter has any connection to any organization to the left of the KKK, all the talk of “librul terrorism” will make the yakkers forget that Trumpy is still the defacto POTUS.

      • I believe the shooter had inquired about the political affiliation of the players before shooting. I don’t know whether he left and returned with the rifle which, if he did, indicates what? If it indicates that he was after Republicans do you think they might ask themselves, “Is it something we’ve done?”

      • Thinking back, the Republicans hated the Brady Bill, even after a lone gun nut shot and almost killed their very own St. Ronnie. Near as I can tell, they’ll continue to allow each and every form of gun travesty imaginable, cuz it’s a RIGHT! It says so in the constitooshun!

        All of which is, of course, bullshit. Republicans included.

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