Daily Gnuz

Looks like the headline is about Republican Congressersons with bullseyes on their backs. It seems like the political environment is degrading. Hope this is just an isolated incident.

In other significant gnuz…

Nearly 200 Democrats sue Trump citing emoluments clause violation h/t The Hill
I do believe Delaware and Maryland have also filed suit… Could be that people are pissed off about the nepotism, cronyism, and creeping fascism that this prezidunce is bringing with him.


WATCH: Conan O’Brien spots a hilarious ‘nervous tic’ that shows when Jeff Sessions is lying h/t Raw Story
I coulda sworn in was when his lips were moving, but yeah….

And finally
What Really Happened At The Mayflower? Sessions Gives Conflicting Answers h/t TPM
Yes, Mr. Special Counsel, please find out EXACTLY what happened at the Mayflower Hotel meeting, and how did the Prezidunce wind up with half a percent of the Russian Oil Giant Rosneft. Check it out here

Open Thread, open for business, remember, people are corporations!
RUCerious @ TPZoo

30 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. In Virginia news, republicans came within a whisker of nominating foaming at the mouth batshit crazy confederate Corey Stewart for governor.

  2. This just in:

    An online rush to blame ‘liberal rhetoric’ for Virginia mass shooting
    “I can only hope that Democrats do turn down the rhetoric.”

    House GOP-led hearing on deregulation of gun silencers cancelled after shooting

    I assume a rewrite of the gun silencer bill is underway, soon to be renamed the “rhetoric silencer” bill. It will be considered by Republicans in both the House and Senate as soon as all the R-members in each house have learned and understand the definition of “rhetoric.” Trump will be taught same after the bill passes and is on the way to him for signing.

    • No doubt Trump will need to be able to define the word rhetoric, use it in a sentence, spell it, and explain why the r has an h next to it, before being given the pen to sign the damn bill.

      • As Trump has said, “I’m very highly educated. I know words. I have the best words!” Explains why the Rhetoric Silencer bill won’t be signed at any time in the near future. “Rhetoric” is clearly NOT one of those “best words!”

  3. When members of Congress are under attack by people who have high power firearms what can they do to prevent it? I think they might be in a Catch-22 situation since the obvious answer is to restrict access to firearms. Another possibility to eliminate the threat of members being shot would be policy and legislation that enhances life for the people who have the firearms.

    I would think Republican politicians who are supported by and who support radical right-wing, heavily armed, anti-government groups might be concerned that a lefty opened fire on Republicans.

    • I think all congressional investigations currently in progress in re Drumpf should be cancelled and reoriented to investigate how it was Obama managed to set the world on fire in just 8 years (and I read just the other day that the outrage continues, that Michelle walked around in public WITH A BARE SHOULDER! in Italy, for chrissake. Talk about nasty and evil!).

      Anyway, Obama was a real drip cuz he obviously thought that guns had no useful purpose other than to kill something. How radical can you get? ‘Splains everything.

  4. Selling the working class out has a cost. Yucking it up and doing nothing while the psychopath they’ve thrust into high office turns graft and corruption into an everyday event; while people are struggling to pay medical bills has it’s costs. These professional politicians never cared about the working class ever since they’ve legalized bribery and insider trading for themselves. Perhaps what happened yesterday may awaken some semblance of a conscience with these people – though I doubt it. It’s plain to me that denying medical care, denying food and housing assistance to millions … warehousing excess labor in for-profit prisons is a form of violence. When this horrifying fact gets awakened in someone with nothing to lose; these political pawns need to be afraid. I wonder whether they’ll just decide to disappear from all public view and completely isolate themselves.

    I suppose if baseball players all had guns, this would never have happened.

  5. The right loves to romanticize a “2nd amendment solution” to their ills.

    This shooting is exactly that. They never seem to think through that people get hurt and die during the “2nd amendment solutions.”

    • Hey zxbe, good to see you. I see the zxbe.net page of tools is gone. I seem to remember you saying you have another page of tools, do you? I miss them. 🙂

      • Sorry about that folks. I had to let it expire.

        So I have a solution for you. Use this link:


        And it will download a zip file. Unzip (or open the zip and copy all the files in it) to a folder on your computer, and then set a bookmark to the index.html file in that folder, and you’ll be able to run it locally forever.

        This works on windows, I don’t know if works on Mac. (The zip file would be the only concern.)

        • I extracted the zip, and I don’t see anything I can work in the items in the folder. What am I supposed to see?

          • Okay, so windows. After you’ve copied all the files form the zip to a folder on your computer, you should see the following files:


            If you don’t, then try to unarchive again.

            If you do, you should be able to double click on the file index.html and it should open in your default browser.

            If it doesn’t try right-clicking on index.html and go to the “Open With” menu option, and you should see your browser selected there.

            If that doesn’t work, you should be able to open your browser and then press Control-O and then find the folder you put the files into and pick the index.html file. That should then open it.

            Once you have it opened, just bookmark it, and you should be all set.

            • Caching is most likely the answer. If your internet provider caches pages for performance, it may take a few more days for the cache to expire.

            • Yep, that nailed it. I tried the “old” link early this morning, and it worked. An hour later, it didn’t. Site gone. But the other works just fine, the one you detailed yesterday. Thanks again for that!

            • Thanks zxbe! I have it now. We should have just done it this way in the beginning
              I’ll tell you something else. I didn’t even imagine I could bookmark something inside my own computer. It never came up before.

    • True. After years of telling people guns were to be used if the government became too oppressive, the right should not be surprised that someone acted on that advice.

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