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Good Mornin, Critterz, here’s whatz Gnuz

Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It. Here’s Proof. h/t Daily Intelligencer
If the R’s aren’t a fundin, the health care system is a brokin.


Democrats to step up attacks on GOP’s Obamacare repeal effort h/t Politico
Love to see my Senator, Patty Murray stepping up to the piñata to take a few whacks at the R’s over their supposed health careless efforts

THE MEMO: For Trump, danger signs in the polls h/t The Hill
We all know polls are not infallible, but the swirling toilet that is Trump’s approval is apparent to those legislators up for re-election in 2018. That would be the HOUSE, and 1/3rd of the Senate, hyeaaa.

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  1. So I visited my landlord today and had a nice conversation about Hillary and uranium whereupon I told him he was full of shit, give it up she’s not the president. Then I walked down the hall to his son’s office and got into a discussion with him about technology. (It was his son for whom I posed as a wino leaning next to a dumpster for a video he made to get into film school.) We talked about devices with cameras and then, after showing me the app he uses to send money to his son, he set his phone on his desk and informed me that “They can hear us. They’re listening right now, watch.” He leaned over to the phone and said, “Seri, call the office,” and a moment later the land line phone on his desk rang. “They’re listening,” he said, “They know what we’re doing all the time.”

    I then took the opportunity to lean over to the phone and said, “Seri, fuck Donald Trump.” He said he’d let me know how Seri handles my comment. 🙂

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