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Good Solstice Day Morn to you all.

And, as the seasons turn, here’s the gnuz…

A frantic scramble before possible healthcare vote next week h/t The Hill
Yes, a frantic scramble to CYA before the feces hits the proverbial wall of shame.


Corker: ‘I Cannot Possibly Imagine’ Trump Would Fire Special Counsel (VIDEO) h/t TPM
That’s weird, because I can totally imagine it…. Hmmmm…

& Finality wise

Georgia special election: 7 things to watch h/t Politico
Could this be the beginning of the turn around? Or, will we see yet another close call that tries desperately to get spun as a moral victory?

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    • My sister just did her twice yearly balancing an egg on end, and bitching how slow her phone is sending the picture to Facebook. How long did it take to send a picture to someone when you took it on you’re Kodak Brownie, then waiting to finish shooting the roll of film, the trip to the drug store where they sent your film out for developing, the trip back to pick up the prints and then having to write a letter to accompany the picture. Boy have things changed.

  1. Hi, guys. I had another fantastic experience while fishing in the heart of the Twin Cities metro area. I was fishing the pier on a little lake I had not fished before. I was catching a lot of sunfish on the fly rod and generally enjoying the day when a young woman and her son, Ben, came walking out on the pier. I set the fly rod aside, so I didn’t hook anyone, and was baiting the hook on my other rod when she asked me if I had seen any of the turtles the lake is known for. I turned towards her as I was saying I had seen a couple when I saw a very large snapping turtle (@2 feet long plus the tail and @30lbs. is my guess.) come up to breathe right at her son’s feet so I pointed and said, “but not that one!” Well? Ben’s eyes got big as saucers and he was just about to bolt when I said; “stand still! and we might see something really cool”. The young gentleman froze and I gently tossed a nightcrawler right on the turtle’s nose. It was a perfect throw and the turtle damned near came out of the water while striking at it. Well? Then Ben did bolt! In fact, I think he cleared about half the length of the 50ft pier without his feet touching the deck!

    The turtle sank out of sight and Ben finally got the courage to come back out on the dock by which time i was catching fish again. I showed him the difference between the three kinds of sunfish and handed him the rod when I hooked another that turned out to be a bullhead but a grand time was had by all.

    Best of all? I have barely even thought about politics and the impending demise of all that was once great about our nation. I feel extremely fortunate to live in a metropolitan area, with all the amenities, while still being able to interact with wildlife. It’s such a contrast to the many cities where a person could spend a lifetime and never even see a squirrel.

    BTW. An added benefit to going fishing almost every day instead of sitting around snacking is that I am back to my “playing weight” of 180lbs. Not bad for an old fart of 6’1″ with two bad knees, a neck that complains a lot, and an abiding love of beer.


  2. Wayne Allyn Root Says Jon Ossoff, Like All Documentarians, Is A Filthy, Pot Smoking Marxist

    “All documentary filmmakers are Marxists,” Root said. “Every one of them smokes pot all day with bare feet, they’re filthy. They’re wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt and they haven’t shaved in three days and they haven’t taken a shower in a month. That’s a typical filthy liberal filmmaker.”

    “Trust me, he’s no moderate,” he continued. “They cleaned him up, shaved him, gave him a bath and put a suit on him to try and make him look like a normal person. But he’s not normal, he’s a liberal documentary radical Marxist filmmaker!”

    Republicans are so SWEET! — at least as sweet as a bucket of horse piss.

      • If it were up to me —

        Now that she’s in Congress, her ‘wage’ would be a buck an hour, max., no overtime ever, and with ZERO benefits of any kind or description. Period. And then I’d hope for her to get really really sick, and fast. She’s already earned every non-penny of all that.

      • I hope her voters realize when lower wage folks don’t make enough money, they don’t pay much in taxes, increasing the burden on those higher earning folks, who think they’re smart voting for the Rs.

        • IMHO, today’s Rs have become the most anti-American, anti-Constitutional movement this country has seen in its 230 constitutional years. They would, however, have been a great fit in 1930’s Germany, and would BE a great fit in today’s Putin-Russia. . . . oh, wait. Hmmm.

  3. Here’s an excellent article by Wm. Rivers Pitt on Truthout.org.

    A Lesson From My Hospital Bed: For-Profit Health Care Is a Merciless Sham

    I’ve said the same time and time again, and the words invariably fall on those deaf political ears some call Republicans. Will they ever get a fucking clue, or are we all doomed by their greed for the remaining history of the USA (which gets shorter every day, btw)?

    WHY do we as a nation allow the health insurance “industry” to constantly build their profits at the expense of millions of ordinary people’s lives?

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