Semi-Daily Gnuz

And, in today’s not so top stories…
Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ in top economic roles h/t The Hill
No Shit Sherlock. What happened to ‘drain the swamp’? Oh…Right… Except for cronies, Wall Street barons and the rest of the One Percenters


Three Ideas to Check Trump and Revive the Democratic Party h/t Paul Glastris @ Wa Mo
I personally like #3. Your take?


Senate GOP to bring Obamacare repeal bill out of the shadows h/t Politico
My best guess is that it’s close enough to the disaster that the House rolled out to get a conference compromise done.
As much as it’s going to hurt, it may be necessary for the nation to feel the excruciating pain that is coming, in order to kick the R’s out of office in ’18 and/or 2020.

Open Thread, feel free…

RUCerious @ TPZoo

19 thoughts on “Semi-Daily Gnuz

    • It appears they’ve decided to leave the health insurance “industry” alone, to let them still sell horseshit health insurance for a big price and pocket billions in profits in the process. Damn. Why is that? Can’t Republicans understand that health care GREED is no good, that it’s totally counter productive??

      I was hoping for single payer, Medicare for all, full and complete coverage for everyone regardless of affliction — along with bankrupted insurance outfits like Blue Cross, Kaiser — you know, alladem.

      Sigh. Maybe next time? Meanwhile, I’ve made a decision: I won’t ever vote for a Republican for any office anywhere. Period. There. That should get ’em to reconsider! Right?

  1. I write these thoughtful letters, that I send to my “representatives”, that apparently end up in a shredder or elevate my name to a list of expendable dissidents. So perhaps I should go with sound byte postcards to get my message across? How do these sound?

    1. Why do you hate (insert any of these) poor people? Sick people? Women?
    2. Will you be moving into the homes your banking buddies repossess after the next crash, or tearing them down to make a dump site for coal sludge?
    3. Will the revamped Blackwater get the contract for your increased security detail?
    4. Is borscht as yucky as it looks?
    5. Whose hookers give the best blow jobs- Big Pharma lobbyists or Insurance lobbyists?

  2. Trump Has Psychotic Episode And Blames Obama For Russia Attack He Claims Never Happened

    • I guess he doesn’t read the newspapers or have them read to him, because we all knew months ago that McConnell had pretty much blackmailed Obama into keeping quiet, otherwise, the senile old turtle would would claim it was a political ploy on Obama’s part to help Hillary win. Because that’s the kind of bullying thuggery that the never-really Grand old party has been doing since Obama was elected, and now that the most uncivil person in America is the President, the Rs can really let loose and fuck over as many people as possible in the nastiest possible way.

      trump’s adorers will believe every word he tweets, and will never, ever, accept any proof that he’s a disgusting piece of shit with no brains, no morals, no ethics, not even a micro-thin veneer of class, and .I have no doubt whatsoever that trump himself, along with his family and his incompetent toadies, have been colluding for several years with Putin and his spy recruiters. There’s got to be at least 50 different connections between trump and his entourage, and Russian oligarchs, banks, oil companies, etc. The fact that trump is dangerousely unconcerned about the undeniable (except by deniers, of course) fact that agents of the Russian government waged a concerted attack on our presidential election and voting procedures, should be the one big *tell* for anyone with even nominal reasoning skills.

      And the other elephant – well, McTurtle – in the room is that the so-called “leaders” of the Republican party, in a show of solidarity against the United States of America, enabled, aided and abetted the election of this madman who will destroy everything left that was GOOD about our country.

      Then again, trump could just start a nuclear war next week and we won’t have to worry about much of anything.

      Fuck you, trump, and fuck you, too, “Senator” KY-Jelly. Fucking TRAITORS.

      • Now that’s a well-spoken rant! I’ll only venture one small step beyond, and — speaking of ‘traitors’ — add this:



        (It also works if the order of the words “Republicans” and “Russians” is reversed. The Russians do act like Republican “Scumbags” – fascists – after all)

  3. Our Enemies Don’t Care

    Our nation has many enemies.

    Our enemies don’t care if our elections are hacked, interfered with, or tampered with in any way. Neither do Republicans.

    Our enemies don’t care if American citizens can’t vote due to voter surpression. Neither do Republicans.

    Our enemies don’t care if Americans die due to not having affordable healthcare coverage. Neither do Republicans. (more at link)

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