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McConnell allies confident in healthcare win h/t The Hill
I doubt it. The Republicans, having forsaken the art of compromise since Newt Gingrich’s Contract on America, can’t get the outer edges of their party to agree on anything. They are incapable of governing.


‘Trump Is What Happens When a Political Party Abandons Ideas’ h/t Politico
No shit Sherlock.


Ron Johnson: People With Pre-existing Conditions Are Like ‘Somebody After They Crash Their Car’ h/t C&L
Exhibits A, B, C, D….
As a lung cancer survivor, Senator Johnson, you are despicable. What car crash was I in that I should be denied or have my premiums jacked up for?

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  1. I’m still awaiting the CBO score on the AHCA. Wealthfare costs so much I don’t see how they can politically survive all the cuts to health services, which will only SHIFT, not go away. Hospitals will have to go up on charges, which will raise premiums, which will result in fewer policies written, which will raise premiums further.

    • Did you see the 60 Minutes segment on IBM’s Watson and it’s use in treating cancer? I suspect if Watson read all available healthcare information from around the world, including the bonuses executives receive, monies spent by lobbyists, opportunity costs of sick employees output (especially time spent by Congress on healthcare that could be used on infrastructure,) and a million or more pieces of data that Watson’s solution, unbiased by politics, religion or emotions, the answer would be single payer with free prescriptions.

  2. NYTimes:

    President Trump got a partial victory at the Supreme Court: Some limits on travel from six mostly Muslim countries can proceed for now

    Monday, June 26, 2017 11:26 AM EDT

    The administration had asked that the lower court ruling be stayed while the case moved forward. The court granted part of that request in its unsigned opinion.
    The court, in effect, said that foreigners with ties or relationships in the United States would not be prohibited from entering the country. But those applying for visas who had never been here, or had no family, business or other ties could be prohibited.

    I could comment, but I won’t. I hate to be impolite and violate civility by using words like ‘fucking asshole bastards.’ So I’ll just stay silent.

  3. Well, fifteen million people will lose health insurance or Medicaid they have now, before the 2018 election. I wonder how many were Trump voters?

  4. My nominee for stupid shit of the month (year, maybe):

    GOP Congressman Laughs Off Prenatal Coverage: ‘Why Do We Have To Pay For That Coverage That We Can’t Use?’

    Rep Pete Olson (R-Tejas)

    “I have some concerns because, one thing, they still guarantee coverage for ten essential conditions,” Olson said, “and one of those conditions—this is care for all,includes you and me—it’s prenatal care. …I think we all have what we call an X chromosome. You, me, JP, Tom and Chuck have those, which means we can’t have a baby. Why do we have to pay for that coverage that we can’t use?”

    Sounds to me like his Y chromosome (the one he’s apparently never heard of) must have been the one that carried the stupid gene.

    What is is about Tejas that causes such rampant male stupidity?

  5. Wow, what a not mean health/death care package. A whole million fewer people lose their coverage compared to the House bill. A whole Million! Think of all the benefit that the tax breaks for the rich give us! Wow! A really not mean health care system, for the 1Effing%ers.

  6. Contemporary corporate media journalism isn’t really about reporting. It’s about remembering who is never supposed to be permitted to have a voice.

  7. Apparently, the plan to stop illegal immigration is simply to make the United States a place you don’t want to live.

  8. Trump travel ban – a 90 day ban so Trump can figure out what to do to keep terrorists out. Five months later, he still hasn’t figured it out. In the mean time, with no ban in place, none of the terrorist attacks in the United States have been committed by Muslims, as far as I know; they’ve all been committed by whites. Clearly Trump is targeting the wrong countries with his travel ban.

  9. BREAKING: McConnell to delay the vote on health care bill until after July 4 recess

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will delay the vote on the Republican leadership’s health care bill until after the July 4 recess, two sources told CNN.

    McConnell told GOP senators that he wants to make changes to the bill, get a new Congressional Budget Office score and have a vote after the holiday.

    So far they lose two votes for it being too mean (Collins, Heller), but four or more because it’s not mean enough. Reckon which way it gets amended?

    • Now MSNBC can run Lockup for all four days of the holiday, unless there’s a real crisis to cover.

  10. Yeehaw, Amen, Yea Verily, and Yay Rah Rah! Finally the words are spoken out loud!

    Elizabeth Warren: It’s time for Democrats to run on single-payer health care

    As the GOP attempts to slash Medicaid and repeal Obamacare in Congress, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is barnstorming her state of Massachusetts, advocating for a single payer system that should, in her mind, be wholly adopted by the Democratic Party.

    “President Obama tried to move us forward with health-care coverage by using a conservative model that came from one of the conservative think tanks that had been advanced by a Republican governor in Massachusetts,” she told The Wall Street Journal in an interview last week. “Now it’s time for the next step. And the next step is single payer.”

    • Like Bernie Sanders already did? I thought the base rejected him for that.

      • Democratic Party 2016 platform, and
        my understanding Hillarys also, was in the short term getting a public option in place that in the long term would lead to Universal health care access. An incremental approach. Bernie’s approach was a right now access. Split the party along the way.

      • Problem has always been that whenever the topic came up — Hillary in 93, Public Option in 2008-09, Bernie in 2116 — the Republicans would always smash it. They squashed the concept of Hillary care by introducing their own plan, one which Romney put into place in Mass., and which pretty much defined Obama’s ACA in 08-09 (which, had it contained a Public Option, would have changed everything). Today, the R’s are simply trying to hand everything back to private insurance, but my guess is (a) it’s not going to make it, and (b) ‘the people’ are going to fight it and get really pissed if it should happen to pass, and the R’s seem to have figured that out (Bitch BcConnell postponed the Senate vote). IF passed, deductibles will skyrocket, premiums will be way too high, out-of-pocket costs will soar, and pre-existing conditions will not be covered. IF the dems handle it right, the Public Option / Single Payer cow will finally be available for full view milking — IF things are handled properly. I think the Senate dems and most of the House dems will be willing to listen closely to and very likely support the Public Option, the last step to Single Payer. Warren and Sanders have always supported it, of course, but now, finally, the R’s have screwed the pooch in full view, and the 2018 elections are getting closer every day.

        Will it all come together? Time will tell, but the map has finally been drawn. I’m not going to hold my breath, of course, but for the very first time I sense that Hope has begun to shed a bit of light on the FACT that the health insurance “industry” absolutely MUST be done away with, and the sooner the better.

        Fingers crossed.

  11. Taking one for the team…

    Arkansas’ new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

    Officials say Arkansas’ new Ten Commandments monument was destroyed by someone driving a vehicle into it less than 24 hours after the monument was placed on state Capitol grounds.

    Secretary of State’s Office spokesman Chris Powell says Capitol Police arrested the male suspect early Wednesday. The suspect’s name and motive haven’t been released.

    The stone monument fell to the ground and broke into multiple pieces.

    The privately funded monument was 6 feet tall (1.8 meters) and weighed 6,000 pounds (2,721 kilograms). It was installed Tuesday morning on the southwest lawn of the Capitol with little fanfare and no advance notice. A 2015 law required the state to allow the display near the Capitol, and a state panel last month gave final approval to its design and location.

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