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And Here’s the Gnuz that’s fit to print (electronically, that is)…

The Memo: Trump faces enormous test with healthcare bill h/t The Hill
One word:


Fox And WSJ: Trump Could Learn Something From How CNN Retracted Their Story h/t
Oh, please. As if Trump could learn anything…from anyone or anybody…ever


Trump bombed at GOP Senate health care meeting because he was clueless about what was in the bill h/t Raw Story
Trump makes incurious George look like Albert Einstein.

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
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  1. Arkansas’ new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

    link on previous post

    • Snippet from the article
      “After plans for the Ten Commandments monument were announced, the satanic temple pushed for a competing statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed, angel-winged creature accompanied by two children smiling at it,”


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