Almost Daily Gnuz!

Welcome to Thor’s day, and here’s the gnuz!

Four New Polls Show Very Little Support For Republican Trumpcare h/t C&L
Yes, but the One Percenters own the R’s (and some D’s as well), so it’s all good…for the 1%…


GOP infighting erupts over healthcare bill h/t The Hill
Ah, the sweet smell of self destruction… or was that Napalm in the Morning…Hard to tell with the Republicking congrust.

Finally, an interesting take from Vox on single payer

This old bill could be the secret to affordable universal health care h/t

Open Thread, all you can mentally eat and/or digest
RUCerious @ TPZoo

15 thoughts on “Almost Daily Gnuz!

  1. Speaking of health care, I got to thinking (I’m not a Republican, so that can indeed happen every now and then) …

    In the US population as a whole, what percentage has ‘private’ health care insurance, what percentage has ‘public’ (Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) insurance, and what percentage is uninsured? Found this link which provides state-by-state data for 2015, and it’s interesting.

    I didn’t do the math to calculate the average nationwide percentages, but a scan of the numbers from the fifty states suggests that, generally speaking, about 50% have employer-paid insurance, roughly 6% buy their own policy, about 8% are uninsured, and the balance — roughly 36% — are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or ‘other’ public plan.

    Brings up a question: how much would ’employers’ save if the insurance they provide was universal single payer instead of ‘private’? How much would employer costs drop IF the profit (and CEO salaries) implicit in private plans were zeroed out in favor of public plans?

    Seems to me that no matter how one looks at the situation, there is absolutely NO reasonable argument to support ANYTHING other than Universal Single Payer. Employers should still pay for their employees care, but they could enjoy the far lower per-employee-cost in the process.

    Try as I might, I can’t come up with a single argument in favor of ‘private’ health insurance. Not one. Can anyone come up with one?

    • How about policies for protection when travelling outside the USA? If, however, all nations provided universal health care there would be no need. Just imagine if nations competed to provide the best health care and quality of life rather than the latest iteration of the most powerful military.

      • Wasting money on military iterations was best summed back in 2016 by a US Navy Veteran named Will Thomas who said, in response to the notion that weaponry should be increased, that our nukes should be updated and ‘modernized’, etc.:

        “I don’t think we should be spending that much money on weapons we can’t afford and that we can never use. We should be using that money for affordable housing and healthcare and education and job training. We shouldn’t be putting it in the back pockets of Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing.”

        I couldn’t agree more. AFAIC, the “defense” budget could be reduced by, say, $500 billion per year, and I’d be the first to applaud. The last military conflict worth fighting ended on September 2, 1945. Every military excursion since then has been idiotic. Sadly, the apelike subspecies aka humans has never proven smart enough to comprehend, much less act.

        My view on the military remains the same as it’s been for at least fifty years: “Wage Peace, Not War!” (See also “Wage Peace, Not War Part II: “Defense” Spending.) I do realize that dicks all over the world would have to shrivel, but what the hell. Who would notice?

    • Removing the for profit health insurance component also relieves the system of that profit margin, estimated at about 25%.
      It would also remove the pharmacy benefit management cabal that screws the manufacturers, insurers and retailers every which way under the pretext of providing ‘plans’ that supposedly help people figure out how to take their meds…

      • No more 5-10 thousand dollar deductibles, either. Also smaller co-pays, all for less cost up front. And the fascist movement Republican Party doesn’t like this because why?

  2. I’ve decided to start communicating to others with sound bites from songs.
    Today’s theme was Talking Heads.
    I replied to a question: I can’t seem to face up to the facts, I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax.
    While walking the dog this morning, a person attempted a political Trump conversation.
    I busted out with “Burning down the house”.
    Tomorrow I may go with The Clash or David Bowie.
    I’m not sure.

  3. Greta van Susteren is cancelled at MSNBC. Ari Melber will continue in the time slot.
    Now if we can just get rid of Brian Williams. Oh, and Andy Lack for trying to turn it into Fox News lite.

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