Doily Gnuz – All about protecting the covfefe table

Made it to Frigga’s day, and here’s the gnuz that’s fit to chew on, albeit somewhat fatty and grisly.

EPA head launching initiative to ‘critique’ climate science h/t The Hill
The party of the stoopid striking again, any one care to do a ‘critique’ of the Buybull?


A new report raises some big questions about Michael Flynn and Russian hackers h/t Vox
Flip Him, Flip Flynn, let him spill his guts about the Trump campaign, including the OrangeShitGibbon being up to their assholes in this…


Curveball! Trump Suddenly Endorses Obamacare Repeal And Delay h/t TPM
This is a great idea. For the Democrats who plan on taking back the House in 2018 and the Senate and Presidency in 2020. For America, the nation, it sucketh.

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
RUCerious @ TPZoo

11 thoughts on “Doily Gnuz – All about protecting the covfefe table

  1. It suddenly dawned on me — the means to alleviate Republican fears of losing the House, the Senate, and in 2020 the Presidency. It’s a two step process, but incredibly simple: (1) repeal Obamacare, effective immediately; (2) insert Universal Single Payer the moment Obamacare is gone. Then make the public statement that Health Care is not a convenience, it’s a RIGHT that is now available to each and every person who is on American soil anywhere in the world. Period.

    It’s SO SIMPLE!! Makes me wonder why the simple-minded GOP hasn’t already come up with the idea.

    • Alas. Simple solutions only work with smart, sane, honest people who actually give a shit about something other than being able to do whatever the fuck they want. Look at the fossil fuel industry, for example. When one looks at all the money they spend lobbying, buying politicians, and lying to the rubes they would probably actually come out ahead to just follow whatever piddly regulations they are whining about. But? They can’t sleep at night knowing that they might actually have an obligation to someone outside their inner circle. The whole damned bunch of them act like a toddler who just heard “no!” for the very first time and they would rather smash all their toys to bits than share one with another kid.

      • I still remember the time when I was about age 5, my older sister made me mad (can’t remember how). So. I took what’s evolved to become the Republican tack and, to punish her severely, I broke every one of my color crayons. It wasn’t till the next day that I figured out why she was laughing the whole time I was doing the breaking.

        But I grew out of it. Republicans never do, never can.

        • Sounds kinda familiar – I got mad at my older sister when I was about the same age. We both had Shirley Temple dolls, so I took hers and scribbled all over the doll’s face to ‘punish’ my sister. Well, of course, my parents simply switched the dolls, so I got stuck with the one that I defaced. 😦

  2. … any one care to do a ‘critique’ of the Buybull?

    Emily Dickinson did that somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 yrs ago, and she nailed it in just ten words:

    “The Bible is an antique Volume / Written by faded men.”

    Bang Zoom.

  3. I hope everyone is having a lovely — if not quiet — holiday weekend.

    It’s 72 degrees, cloudy, and breezy here. I’m hoping summer won’t notice the PNW this year. 🙂

    • Bought a pound of pulled pork barbecue yesterday. Having barbecue sandwiches and chips for every meal until it’s gone.

        • My dog is not enjoying the fireworks one bit.
          Drunky the sheriff down the street was target practicing in his back yard until 11:00 PM in a residential neighborhood. Local law enforcement won’t go after him even after numerous complaints from several residents. “He’s one of us” is the tone we get from the sheriffs department.
          I’m making ice cream and napping.

  4. Why does my hand-me-down iPhone keep wanting me to talk to Siri? It’s convinced I should want to, but I don’t.

    I just heard on CNN’s Inside Politics that disgraced former Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore is LEADING appointed Senator Strange, Luther in the primary for Jeff Sessions Senate seat. How hard should I campaign for Strange, Luther to keep Rabid Roy, that Jesus Boy from getting the nomination?

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