From Public Lands: A Message To Trump

I recently ran across an ‘old’ photo — from 15 years ago — that somehow manages to define the current moment. Here’s proof that the collective message from Public Lands is SO COOL! 🙂

I suspect there are very few Public Land advocates/supporters out there who remain unaware that p Trump (I REFUSE! to use the word ‘president’ to describe that p.o.s.) is apparently going to leave no stone unturned in his quest to rid the nation of its National Forests, Parks, Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, etc. He apparently thinks the world will be better served by turning the lands over to oil drillers, miners, loggers, developers — the most “appropriate” end user(s). I’ll not bother to cite chapter and verse evidence, simply note a small handful of links that only begin to describe what our p(os) is up to:

The battle for national parks and other federal lands under a Trump presidency

Dear President Trump: America’s most egregious “federal land grab” was in 1891, under Benjamin Harrison

How Trump’s monuments review could impact climate

There are numerous links embedded in those three articles, enough to add clarity to the p(os)’s very obvious goal — i.e. to completely and totally overturn and redefine each and all of this country’s base values. The collective Trump/GOP “vision” has nothing to do with preserving anything that is not/cannot be defined with the words ‘Power’ or ‘Money’ — there is, after all (and to their collective “mind”), nothing anywhere that can have a differently-defined Value than money or power; no such thing can exist, after all. No way. Period.

I do have one tidbit to add here, however, a tidbit which is, to me, the absolutely PERFECT message FROM wild and protected Public Lands to p(os) Trump. The messenger is, in this case, a native resident of/on Arizona’s magnificent Sonoran Desert, and its message is clearly and precisely directed to our resident White House Idiot, aka p(os) Trump:

2002 December Sunset White Tanks 020S

See the message there?

Perhaps a cropped, slightly modified, and de-beautified (i.e. “humanized”) version can be more definitive:

Up Yours Trump

There. Peace and Beauty subtracted, message from Sonoran Desert (and all Public Lands everywhere in the country) clarified:

Up Yours, p(os) Trump!!


12 thoughts on “From Public Lands: A Message To Trump

    • I don’t have homemade ice cream but I did get a BOGO free at Publix on Klondike bars. Here it’s only going to 85, but the humidity makes up for it.

  1. Nothing says Forth of July like wearing your stars and stripes shirt, “Jesus” cap and packin’ a Glock, while picking up prescriptions and grocery shopping. I suppose there could be a terrorist hiding in the frozen Food aisle.

    • Living below interstate 10 is a trip backwards in time where the 4th is celebrated with alcohol and gun fire randomly discharged in any given direction. I’d sleep under my bed if I could but the dog got there first and he ain’t sharing.
      We’ll find out tomorrow morning how many casualties we have.

      • We had our annual “ATF Independence Day Celebration” on Sunday.

        A is for alcohol. Our tradition is that everyone puts their car keys in the gun safe and it doesn’t get opened until the next morning.

        T is for tobacco. We smoke a variety of mid to upper caste cigars. Personally? I don’t really care for the cigars much any more. I stick with @ $5.00 cigars because I just don’t enjoy a $25.00 cigar any more than the cheaper ones.

        F is for firearms. Despite being listed last we actually start with the firearms in the form of trap shooting. We get all the “booms” anyone could hope for with all the energy being expended in a safe direction and no risk of setting a corn field on fire with fireworks. All the guns go in the safe, along with the car keys, BEFORE we break out the beer. The highlight this year was some home made honey weiss that my friend, Terry, made over the winter and allowed to age in the bottle. It was super-yummy and had a kick like an army mule. All that honey had been converted to alcohol!

        We also fly our RC airplanes and it was an absolutely perfect day so there was at least one plane in the air, pretty much constantly, from @3:00PM until it got too dark to fly and the mosquitoes achieved critical mass.

        A great and safe time was had by all and the only “dark spot” came in the form of our friend, Matt, marrying a ringer on the trap course. Cathy only shot for 5 rounds, 125 shots, while the rest of us went ten but she only missed 7 pigeons in those 125 shots! She had one perfect score of 25 and one round where she only missed one pigeon while the rest of us all missed at least 2 in every round. The salt in the wound is that she claims she never fired a gun before Matt married her last fall. I guess that “some people got it” and “some people don’t”. Cathy is a natural. And she’s a very good cook!


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