Daily Gnuz

Sorry for the extended absence, was on vacation and out of it.

In today’s Gnuz…

Trump is preparing to meet Putin this week by reading tweet-length memos h/t Vox
The stupefying dumbing down of the preziduncy. Good luck in the shark tank with Putin, Mr. Tweetzer!


GOP tensions rise over Cruz proposal h/t The Hill
No matter what they propose, they won’t agree on anything that makes sense. File under Unable to Govern


Trump: ‘Nobody knows’ if Russia interfered in US election h/t Politico
Oh, sure they do. Our Intel agencies know it, most of the population knows it, please let us know how Putin’s sputin tastes.

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
RUCerious @ TPZoo

8 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

    • Did, very much so, nwoldguy. Spent the weekend in Canada with some dear friends. Saturday was ‘Canada Day’, and Stanley Park was wall to wall people, all in good cheer and having fun. Maybe I’ll start planning my retirement in that lovely neck of the woods…

  1. Just found this nugget on Vox
    Eric Trump: “We’re thriving as a nation” — just “look at the lines in Home Depot”.” ”
    Yes, faymouse E-Con-a-Matritian Eric Drumpfukle has spoken. Long lines at Home Depot = thriving economy, as Microsoft announces gigantic layoffs… Microsoft confirms layoff reports, reorganization expected to impact thousands
    Auto slowdown flashes caution lights for manufacturing employment — and Trump

    Tell it to the unemployed Tricky Er-icky

    • Ever since that day Eric bought 10 Windows at Home Depot he’s assumed Microsoft must really be kicking ass. Also, as we all know, it was Obama that screwed up the auto industry, even after Dubya had pushed it to a new pinnacle. It’ daddy’s plan to bring it back from the Obama crash, and make Amurkkka great again.

  2. Trump is fucked on the Time Warner-AT&T merger. If he blocks it, he’s guilty of abuse of power for retaliating against ‘Fake News CNN’. If he greenlights it, he’s accused of a quid-pro-quo to get more favorable stories from CNN.

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