Saturday Zoology and Gnuz

Here’s some tidbits from the Gnuz-Cycle this weekend morn.

The Much-Hyped First Trump-Putin Meeting Was a Farce and the corollary story we knew was coming Putin Holds Presser, Says Trump Believes His Denial Of Election Hack
h/t The Nation
Picture seems to indicate Trump wants Putin to put his Johnson in Trump’s hand for a monkey spanking episode…Putin’s expression seems to express extreme yuck.


Election experts see flaws in Trump voter commission’s plan to smoke out fraud
h/t Salon
Fraudulent commission producing 200 false positives for every actual double registration…Fake Commission.

Why Is Princess Ivanka Filling In For Trump At G20 Meetings?
h/t C & L
Possible Answers:
a. He’s drunk
b. He’s servicing Putin
c. She asked him with a pretty please
d. All of the above.

Open Thread for the weekend. Have Fun,, and be safe out there.

RUCerious @ TPZoo

16 thoughts on “Saturday Zoology and Gnuz

  1. Why Is Princess Ivanka Filling In For Trump At G20 Meetings?

    e. Because Trump doesn’t have Nancy Reagan’s psychic as an excuse when the Alzheimer’s flares up.

    • Oh, definitely (b), he was ‘busy’ with Pooty-poot. For over two fucking hours, instead of the half-hour the meeting was supposed to limited to. And consequently gave the finger to the world by sending his unqualified unofficial ‘golden child’ daughter.

      I really do hate the trumps. Every single day, someone in that monstrous family does something un-fucking-believable to shame this country. Every single goddamn day.

  2. Not even six months, and the Russian coup is accomplished. The rest of the world must be so very disgusted with the cretin trump and his useless get playing at being “world leaders.”

    The world will never recover from this, yet millions and millions of Americans go about their daily lives oblivious to this disaster.

    • It has indeed happened. Trump = POTUS = Putin Owns The United States. Worst of all, Trump revels in the concept because in his warped narcissistic “mind” he sees himself as what he’s always dreamed himself to be: the center of global attention. What he can’t grasp, however, is that the attention he’s getting is from a world which sees him as an ignominious failure, not the global Superman of his warped psyche/ego.

  3. Heard on CNN Sunday morning re Tillerson in Russia, “He’ll be greeted with the traditional bread and salt ceremony.” That instantly reminded me of the scene in “Wag the Dog” where they had created a war with Albania on a sound stage and use a “sheaf of wheat in a traditional ceremony.”

  4. If we know Russia tried to change the outcome of the US Presidential election, and they didn’t succeed, which is the Con talking point recently, why isn’t Hillary Clinton the President?

    • Because of the Electoral College, which gave Trump the greatest EC win in all of history by dismissing those 5 million illegals who voted for Clinton. That 400 lb bedroom hacker who got into Podesta’s emails had no effect other than to allow the dems to lie through their teeth and blame the Russians for their loss instead of crooked Hillary. It’s so simple, really.

    • Heh, Foolish hu-mons!

      Our two youngest have destroyed the lower slats on all of our vinyl blinds. I’m not sure if I should try replacing them with wooden blinds, or just try some of those self-adhesive ‘stained-glass’ window coverings.

      • We tried to put a louvered bifold door between the kitchen and utility room, so we could hem the cats up while we ate dinner. Our Nigel, a little wiry part-Burmese, was having none of that! He determinedly broke enough slats out of the door to climb through and take up his station on the kitchen counter overlooking the table, so we had to pay him off with a morsel or two from the table.

  5. ICYMI:
    Check out Mark Sumner’s opening essay. It’s extremely well-thought and progressive and, if shown to most any Republican, would very likely cause a heart attack. Talk about a virtue!

    Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Wittenberg Edition

    1. The Electoral college has outlived its usefulness and now acts only to deprive citizens of the value of their votes. It must be retired and replaced by direct election.
    2. Healthcare is a human right that should be available to anyone, including non-citizens, through a universal, well-regulated system funded by taxes and available without direct charge.
    3. Education is a human right that should be available to anyone, including non-citizens, through public schools, colleges, and universities funded by taxes and available without direct charge.
    4. A living salary should be paid to every adult in the United States, regardless of their education or employment, regardless of ability or disability, regardless of whether they are actively seeking work or sitting on their ass.
    5. The use of force by agents of the government, including local and state police, should follow a single, fixed set of rules, violation of which subjects the violator to federal prosecution.
    6. Advertisements and active campaigning should be limited to a 90 day period in advance of any primary or election. An equal amount of air time and column inches are to be made available to all candidates within that period.
    7. No corporation, or any other entity outside of an individual human being, should be able to donate to, support, or work with any campaign. Human beings are allowed to donate up to $1000 to candidates. Total. Across all races.
    8. No one can pass a law constraining what you can do with or to your own body. That includes abortion, drugs, suicide, and dancing in public.
    9. Tax rates should be no less steeply progressive than they were in 1960, with rates rapidly approaching 100 percent above $10 m income.
    10. Anyone willing to work to repair trails, shelters, lodges, (but not parking lots) at national or state park gets a 50 percent boost in that living wage.
    11. Every American is registered to vote on turning 18.

    • Trump is very highly educated (his words), so he knows all about ICBMs — Icy BMs in his lingo. He knows that healthy Eskimos each and all have at least one every day, all winter long, and it’s been that way for hundreds of generations.

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