Daily Gnuz

It’s another Moody Monday, and here’s the GNUZ—

Trump Says His Historically Low Approval Rating In New Poll Is ‘Not Bad’
h/t C&L
The Denier-In-Chief is at the height of his paranoia and un-reality…


Questions grow over Kushner’s security clearances
h/t The Hill
Yes, there are lots of questions about the level of Nepotism at the top, and the damage that is being done by the Kleptocracy that the Trump administration is.


Obamacare repeal bill plunges into new uncertainty
h/t Politico
No Way Out for the R’s. Damned if they do pass it, damned if they don’t.

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
RUCerious @ TPZoo

3 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Republican Party has ‘flat out lost its mind’

    A party that once provided a sober conservative counterweight to the Democrats’ more liberal impulses has flat out lost its mind, given itself over to rage, fear, schoolyard taunts and bizarre conspiracy theories. Which leaves me impatient with those who frame our political divide as if the issue were that left and right had equally abandoned the center. No fair observer can believe that.

    To the contrary, it becomes more obvious every day that we are where we are because something is very wrong with the GOP. To not acknowledge and report that, apparently out of some misguided notion that doing so wouldn’t be “fair and balanced” is, in itself, deeply unfair and unbalanced. In our terror of being called biased, we in media have neutered ourselves, abandoned our watchdog function.

    • Yes, beginning with Gangrenich in 1994 and the ‘Contract on America’…Downhill since then, in a bobsled with greased skidmarkses.

  2. Looks like the GOP can’t get votes for McConnell’s Folly from either faction in their party. Some think it’s too cruel, and some think it’s not cruel enough.

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