Daily Gnuz (of the day)

Welcome to Wednesday the Nineteenth of July, in the year 2017

Here’s what’z in the gnuz.

Inside Trump Family’s Turmoil Amid Russia Scandal: Don Jr. Is ‘Miserable’ and Wants ‘These Four Years to Be Over’
h/t People (yeah, I know, please just ignore the noise on the cover about Blac Chyna, etc)
Ahh, Donny Junior, you’re not the only one with that sentiment. BUT! There’s an easy way out! Just have daddy resign, and you can go back to being the total sleazebag you’ve always been, just without all the damnable scrutiny that is routinely applied to those in the First Nepotistic Family!


Tax reform becomes a must-win issue for the White House
h/t Politico
Prediction…They’ll have exactly the same failure as the repeal of ACA. Rand Paul will insist on a flat tax, no Republikkin will agree to close loopholes the size of galaxies for their patrons and benefactors in Big (fill in blank here, Pharma, Oil…you call it)


Trump: Republicans ‘never discuss how good their healthcare bill is’
h/t The Hill
Agreed, Orangeshitgibbon, the only question remaining would be ‘good for who/m’??? Idiot.

And ONE MORE find o’ the day at Vox!
Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care
A terrific treatise on how not to lead the nation in an area
like health care…

Open Thread, enjoy!
RUCerious @ TPZoo

7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz (of the day)

  1. If the Rs can’t gut health care, there’s no money saved to offset tax cuts for billionaires. I don’t see how they pass anything with 51 votes that doesn’t explode the budget. Nothing the House does will ever get through the Senate.

    • We, the people, are very sorry to inform you that we are indeed under the sway backed, potbellied twobit dicktater known to all as the TrumpDuck.

    • The “truth” of the matter is a simple one.

      The Spirit of God says, ‘America, get ready, for I AM choosing from the top of the cream, for I AM putting together America’s dream team, from the president and his administration, to judges and congress to ease America’s frustrations!’ The Spirit of God says, ‘Rise up, My Army, and get in the fight… Rise up! stomp the enemy’s head with bliss; send the enemy back to Hell and into the abyss.’

      We know this is all true. Those are the actual words spoken by God himself to ex-fireman Mark Taylor, to whom God speaks regularly ever since that time in 2011 when God told Taylor that He had chosen Donald Trump to be Amurkkka’s next president.

      Trump is chosen by God. Means that the Army of God is now in place to free Amurkkka of her demons (mostly Democrats and immigrants) and thereby return to purity. Something like that.

      Read about it here.

  2. Rachael ended tonight’s program talking to Lawrence about what might have set off the orange shitgibbon today and whether Sessions would resign or be fired. Since Sessions wants to expand asset forfeiture by law enforcement I’m wondering if that has any bearing on the situation?

    • Trump thought he was appointing an AG who would quash any investigation into his corrupt self-dealings. That’s not happening, and as Mueller gets closer to finding how Trump’s debt to the Russian oligarchy is kompromat, he can’t make a move to protect himself that doesn’t scream to the world ‘look at me, I’m guilty as fuck!’.

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