Daily Gnuz – Sunday edition

Here’s the Gnuz of the day for the end of the week (or beginning), enjoy!

Trump just delivered the most chilling speech of his presidency
H/T Vox
This is the stuff that destroys a democracy, race baiting, inciting to violence, militarization of the police. Disgraceful, Mr. Prezidunce.

Hackers break into voting machines in minutes at hacking competition
H/T The Hill
So easy a caveman or Russian could do it!

Trump threatens to end ObamaCare payments unless repeal passes
H/T The Hill
Attaboy, threaten to destroy the system when you don’t get your way!
That’s real leadership!

19 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz – Sunday edition

  1. In combination with my own experience as an employee, and what I’m hearing from an overwhelming number of opinions on the tv shows, the case for the US needing a CEO to run the country is being thoroughly discredited and destroyed by Donald Trump.

    • The thing is, trump’s not really “running” the country as a regular businessman/CEO, he’s trying to do it more like it’s The Apprentice. Which is a stupid “reality show” in the first place, as A) it’s nothing like real-world business management; B) in The Apprentice, the donald controlled everything on the show, so he could fire or hire people based mainly on his whim alone; and C) he WANTS his ‘people’ to be at odds with each other, basically competing for HIS approval, and with no thought given to actual qualification or coordination.

      To “run” a country, a President needs a true ‘team’ of qualified people who understand what the Executive Branch can and cannot do, and with clear goals toward which the entire team should be working. The donald thinks that being President, he’s the ringmaster and should be able to just crack his whip and make a bold announcement, and the three rings should just automatically go into synchronized motion. HIS circus has untrained, unskilled performers who have never even practiced their ‘routines.’

      You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and the trump cabal is one huge, hairy sow.

      No offense to sows.

      • I’ve worked at corporate subsidiaries where it’s all back biting, pitting people against each other and cover your ass. That’s what’s consuming the energies of the whole White House staff. Throw in the boss’s son, daughter and son in law, and it just gets worse.

      • Spot On Jane!! The reality entertainment model is ill-suited for this thing we call
        ‘governing’. Brand doesn’t mean squat when it comes to the practice of running democratic republic operations.

        • But — the Drumpf-style idiot can prove most useful when said democratic republic is on the verge of evolving into the realm of a Fascist Oligarchy. At that point in time, an idiot in the body of an orange shitgibbon can prove extremely useful to its masters.

    • We’ve rarely had any all-black cats, and you know we’ve had more than 100 cats/kittens over the years. Mookie was the first one; she had 2 all-black kittens that we adopted out. The only other one of hers that was close to all-black was Preston, who had a small white spot on his chest. He’s the one in my avatar.

      The neighbors had two cats who would come over to visit. Both had lower jaws that protruded further than most cats, making them look more big-cat-like. One was all-black, with a long body and long legs. We called her “The Egyptian”, because she looked like the stylized cats of the ancient Egyptians.

  2. I read trump’s speech, and that was some scary shit indeed. As usual, he had to boast about some imaginary crowds lining his route all the way from the airport – sheesh! Which airport, ffs, no matter what that’s several miles! And, of course, it just degenerated (literally) after that.

    And I’m ashamed to say that our own Dutchess County police were represented there. I had no idea that trump was friends with – and included on his transition team! – our perennial Dutchess County Sheriff Butch Anderson – christ, I thought the guy was dead by now, we’ve been seeing bumper stickers for Anderson since we moved here 29 years ago! Last night I tried to find anything about any comments by the Dutchess County officers, but found nothing. I’ll try again later, right now my knees are aching and I can’t sit for long.


  3. Matt Taibi on Slimy Tony

    The Anthony Scaramucci Era Will Be Freakish, Embarrassing and All Too Short

    I already miss Anthony Scaramucci. Of course, he hasn’t officially been fired yet (checks Twitter), or committed suicide by jumping into boiling steak fat at his Gotti-esque Hunt and Fish Club restaurant in Manhattan (checks Twitter again). But it sure seems like he’s not long for this earth. Even by Trumpian standards, has any federal official had a more disastrous rollout?

    The big headline this morning is that the new White House Communications Director got upset and decided to call Ryan Lizza at the New Yorker and go full-on Glengarry Glen Ross without asking for background or off-the-record privileges.


    He began by announcing cheerfully that he wanted a “fresh start” with the media, pledged an “era of new good feeling,” and promised to “create a positive mojo.” As he was doing this, the press was seizing on the fact that he was deleting old tweets that supported gun control, called climate science “irrefutable,” and described Trump as an “odd guy… smart with no judgment.” One tweet even committed ultimate Trump-heresy by saying of Hillary Clinton, “She is incredibly competent.” Even if the media had wanted to give the guy a break, he all but forced them to beat him like a mule minutes into his appointment.

    That last sentence is my favorite.

  4. Scott Pruitt, newly appointed EPA administrator is rolling back policies and returning us to the glorious days of yesteryear when DDT was a hardware store item and humans had no impact on the environment.

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