Daily Gnuz

Some interesting stuff going on today, hump-day, second day of August 2017…

I asked 12 legal experts if the latest Trump-Russia news showed obstruction of justice
h/t Vox
The thought plickens…


GOP Chairman opens door to Democrats on ObamaCare
h/t The Hill
Yes, it takes abject failure for the Repbullykins to dump Trump and go back to legislating with normal order.


Mulvaney: We still might dump Obamacare subsidies h/t Politico
Dimwitted Prezidunce and OMB director think this threat is going to give them leverage over who/m????…Idiots

And…, A Bonus Round today! Found at Raw Story, even Norwegians can be hysterical bedwetters!
Right-wingers pitch screaming fit over ‘terrifying’ Burqa women — who turned out to be just bus seats
Taking lessons from the Trumpistas – busloads of women going to New Hampshire to vote illegally, we’re sure…

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
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