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Today’s Gnuz – Sad but true(ish)

Brokaw: I don’t know if Trump can ‘stitch the country back together again’
h/t The Hill
No sheiss Tom, my bestest guess would be a resounding ‘are you sheissing me?’


David Duke Knows Trump’s On His Side, And So Do We
h/t C&L


Lincoln Memorial in Washington defaced with expletives
h/t Raw Story

Open Thread, enjoy one tear at a time
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  1. Remember Jonathan Krohn? He was the toast of CPAC in 2009 at the age of 13. Well, he’s 22 now and writes for The Intercept.

  2. Kentucky Fried Chicken removing images of Colonel Sanders from restaurants after encountering blowback from last weeks events.

    Just kidding, their food is crap and overpriced, their ads are stupid.
    They’ll destroy themselves.

  3. Ok, so I was born and raised in Minnesota, then spent all of my adult life in the West, so I know I’m not up on Southern stuff, but I am curious. Who’s this statue dude they keep talking about, the guy on the horse? What’s his name — Bobby Lee, something like that. Why all the statues? The Nazis like him, so was he a Nazi? And why does Trump like him? Did Bobby do a radical comb over, maybe? Started the trend?

    I’m so confused.

    • The Neo-Nazi movement actually transcends the south. We have areas where people play nice together and we have idiots that the news loves to blast all over the screen. Virginia, in our minds is in no way part of the south.
      It snows there, that makes it the north.
      Ignorance is the major player, not location.
      Idaho has its fair share of prepper/white supremacist mouth breathers along with Indiana, Illinois and Oregon.
      Arizona has Joe Arpaio an unabashed racist who doesn’t get it even after the court has told him he is a racist.
      In Arizona I experienced this first hand with my Chinese friend.
      Hey, let’s not forget Texas.
      I think it’s about context. The civil war was one of the most self destructive time periods of U.S. history and our current inflammatory twit in chief is heading us to a period of civil unrest that we haven’t seen since the sixties.
      BTW, I hate Illinois Nazi’s

      • My brother moved to AZ back in the early fifties, went to UA and then Flagstaff. He married a “Mexican” girl from Morenci. After college, they lived in Guaymas, Sonora for a couple of years, then Illinois for a year, then they settled back in AZ. I moved to AZ in the early 60’s and save for a four year stint in Colorado/Missouri, stayed there till ’08. From 1970 fwd,spent a lot of time in the Ag business and worked mainly with Japanese farmers, Mormons, also both documented and undocumented “Mexicans” — each and all of which remain amongst the finest people I’ve ever met or known. The only ‘bad guys’ I ever ran across in AZ were (post-Goldwater) Republicans, and afaik, that’s what remains there today and still defines the ‘bad guy’ dep’t.

        The only time I’ve ever had to mingle with racists, nationalists, white supremacists and their fucked up ilk was during the 1.5 years I spent in metro St. Louis. Yuk. Basement of your standard outhouse therein defined.

        Oh, and ten years ago, my daughter married a “Mexican” immigrant from Texas — they’re as happy as anyone could ever hope to be, and have effectively doubled the number of my “Mexican” in-laws. I be one very lucky Swede dude.

        I still think, though, that Bobby Lee must have been number one in either comb-overs or bankrupt casinos.

  4. Senator Corker from Tennessee just demanded radical change from Trump!
    That’s fabulous Bob!
    Or What?
    Are you going to IMPEACH his Orange Gibbonous Butt?

  5. Wow. He’s already past his sell-by date!

    • I’m not buying that Bannon resigned on Aug. 7th. That story is meant to make Trump look less guilty for firing him after Charlottesville.

    • No thanks, he’s still your dullard.

  6. “Who knew that ‘infrastructure week’ meant going completely off the rails, paving the roads to hell, and burning all your bridges.”
    —George Takei

  7. I can’t believe the price people are willing to pay for these eclipse glasses, that look like the paper and film 3D glasses and can’t cost more than three or four cents apiece to make. They’re going for eight to ten dollars here. I have a welding helmet, so I don’t need them, haha!

    • I have a welding helmet also but the glass is #10 not 14 as recommended. Another #10 is about $5 at Lowe’s and will give you 20 together. Then my sister comes back with a cardboard pair that a friend gave her!

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