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Evangelical Christians’ reactions/non-reactions to Charlottesville, via The Christian Post:

First, there are actually a couple of articles where pastors, etal, are finally allowing their collective conscience to break through. Here’s one, and here’s another

Of course, those voices are few, and they’ve got competition, i.e.:

Here’s an opinion piece from “guest contributor” Brad Huddleston, the title of which I thought promising, until I actually read it: “Charlottesville: Jesus Commands Us to ‘Tell The Truth’, So Why Aren’t We?” A few excerpts:

“I was in Charlottesville, Virginia, during the riots and what I observed and what I saw in the media’s coverage are, for the most part, two very different narratives.

Although the atmosphere was volatile everywhere I walked, I have to believe that it was Sovereignty that kept me away from the physical confrontations. I did, however, observe verbal ones. I saw various white supremacist groups filled with hate and evil intentions. They were armed with weapons and ready for a fight. I also watched members of Black Lives Matter as well as Communists/Marxists, carrying their hammer and sickle flags. They were also filled with hate and evil intentions.”

Sounds to me as though it wasn’t “Sovereignty” that kept him away from the physical confrontations, it was his own cowardice. So all he did was “observe” certain things, verbal interactions, certain flags, and interpret them in the light of his own prejudices [“during the RIOTS”.]  How dare he automatically credit BLM with “evil intentions”, when they were protesting against NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS! And if BLM were involved in extremely heated arguments defending their right to exist as equals in the face of horrifying insults, threats, violence, etc., who would blame them for hating everything that these armed, sometimes uniformed, Confederate-and-Nazi-flag-waving un-American RACISTS do, say, and stand for. The hammer-and-sickle flag-waving “Communists/Marxists”? The author ‘identifies’ them in a later section as the Antifa. I call bullshit. Apparently the author was so terrified he couldn’t even verify what these people were marching for/against.

“The media was slamming the various white supremacist groups (and they should). But I immediately noticed something very perplexing. Very little if any coverage was being given to the various Communist and Marxist groups and violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists. It was as if the white supremacists were the only ones who were filled with hate. I kept waiting and waiting for someone to show images of the reality that we, who were actually there, observed.”


“Let’s never forget that the Communists and Marxists have killed far more people than Hitler. Nevertheless, they are all equal in their evil, and all should be equally condemned. If they are participating in the same riot, they should share the same headline. Because white supremacists’ numbers are small, we should be far more concerned about their Marxist and their Socialist cousins. Our American universities have been cranking them out for years, and we’re now seeing the results.

Both extremes were represented in Charlottesville on that scary day. To give the extreme left a pass, and even affirm them, would make Hitler proud.”

I can’t even comment, I’m so gobsmacked by this. But I would like to ask Mr. Huddleston if any of the BLM or Antifa drove a car at speed into a crowd of human beings, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others; and how many BLM or Antifa were “ARMED WITH WEAPONS and ready to fight” as the Nazi/KKK and white supremacist pseudomilitary actually were?

And then we have conservative black pastors and others defending trump’s abhorrent remarks in “Black Christian Leaders Detest Claim That Trump Is the ‘Driver’ of Racial Division in America.” Here’s just one little slice of this twisted, surreal pie:

“Corrogan Vaughn, a political activist who ran against Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland in the 2016 election, argued that those in the media who blame Trump for the racial tension in the United States are trying to turn Trump into a “villain.”

“Don’t make our commander in chief a villain when in actuality it is more the villainess of the media in terms of making something where nothing is,” Vaughn stated.

Oh, joy, keep screaming that the “media” is to blame, and this imaginary ‘alt-left’, ffs – like who’re you gonna believe, trump and the evangelicals, or your lying eyes?

For more, here’s the Christian Post’s Political page. Have fun.

This is our Open Thread – enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Republicans for a long time now are in reality lazy politicians. They don’t seek to adjust ideology or approach to try to expand their supporters. They cling tenaciously to their ideology, and attempt to disparage any who think other than they do. Their ‘base’ consists in great part of angry white people with varying degrees of racism, as evidenced quite publicly during 8 years of President Obama, and during the campaign and occupation of the White House by trump and his conclave of overt racists.

    The basic Republican strategy for a long time has not been to attract voters, but rather to disenfranchise or disillusion anyone who would not vote for their party. Instead of working fervently on outreach, they work fervently on suppression of voters. (NOT that they have political ideals that are particularly inviting in the first place.)

    And this is why they are not really all that concerned about Russian interference: the method and purpose of that interference aligns PERFECTLY with their strategy: dissuade the opposition. The narrative of the right, from elected officials to anonymous bloggers, is that “Russian fake news did not make me vote for Trump.” To which the response SHOULD be, “Of course not, you moron, that was not the goal – the entire goal of the Russian propaganda was to make non-trumpy voters decide to stay home because they didn’t like ANY choice.” None of the propaganda was about how great drumph was – it was about how bad Hillary was supposed to be in order to disillusion voters.

    Republicans LOVE low voter turnout. It is the only way that they can win elections (that and gerrymandering to dilute vote counts, which statistically ‘reduces’ turnout for any opposition: its mathematical gymnastics).

    With the recent nutzi issue the Republicans have stuck with their long time strategy: “Sure, the nutzi’s are bad hombre’s, but the entire ‘left’ are the moral equivalent of the nutzis.” Oh, and a fair dose of “and on the nutzi side there are some really fine peoples.” That last bit allows their nutzi supporters to each feel like that statement is directed at them, “Oh, they understand that ‘I’ am a fine person, despite my nutzi beliefs. It’s the crazy car rammers that are the nutz they are talking bad about.”

    I am comforted that there are people turning up against the hate speech and racist speech in greater numbers. We may not be doomed yet. If their “free (hate) speech” rallies went unopposed they would (and you know it) declare that they had a majority voice, etc.

    Why aren’t the racist and nutzis assimilating to the modern American culture? I thought they were pretty staunch in their belief that people should assimilate to the majority culture. Hate is SO 14th century.

  2. Ever since I was roughly ten yrs old, I’ve constantly and without interruption wondered one thing: why is there religion? Why so much nonsensical turmoil based on nothing but silly and unconfirmable rumor? Seems to me that if religion had any solid basis at all that the truly intelligent earth critters would be believers, but nope. Wolves, cats, elephants, horses — even cockroaches — show no signs. Only humans. A very telling statistic.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. Each and every critter can believe whatever s/he wishes. But why the constant attempts to impose ‘it’ on anyone/everyone else?

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