Daily Gnuz

Welcome to Eclipsed day, stay safe and preserve your sight!!

Trump To Outline Strategy For Victory In Afghanistan In National TV Address
Looks like the fuhrer is going to drink the General’s koolaid. Gotta wonder if Not-So-Bright-Bart is going to roast his orange butt?


White House officials are terrified of what Trump would do on his own
H/T Vox
Key excerpt: Why they’re not quitting: “You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill.”
Now THAT’s patriotism!


Trump poised for a September fight over border wall
H/T The Hill
Bring it on! Cage match to the death! Turtle vs ShitGibbon!

Open Thread, enjoy one sad story after another!
RUCerious @ TPZoo

7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. “It’s almost like their reason for continuing to support the presidency of Donald Trump is that Donald Trump is a horrifically dangerous and unqualified president.”

    Captain Obvious arrived a little late for that one.

  2. Well, saw my second solar eclipse today. The previous one was 1983 or 1984. We were on the southern edge of the viewing area. It wasn’t looking at the sun that was impressive, as much as how dark it was as it passed maximum blockage.

    • I took some photos of the ripple effect, shadows on the ground that were triplicated, kinda cool. Unlike the dufus in chief, I didn’t look directly at the sun’s corona during the effing e-clips.

      • Cool – when you get a chance, could you post the photos here? I’d love to see them.

        Our boss got all of us the eclipse-viewing glasses (and Carvel Flying Saucers), and we all went outside around 2:30 (Eastern) – maximum blockage (around 65%) was at 2:44. So it looked like an upside-down golden crescent moon. It didn’t get very dark or shadowy, but then again, I was looking up most of the time. What was cool was watching wisps of clouds drifting across the arc of the sun. 🙂

  3. Crap! It clouded up about ten minutes before the eclipse was visible here. Now it’s raining, 99% humidity, and my air conditioner just went “sizzle, sizzle, wonk!” and screeched to a halt. I might have to sleep in the shower tonight. It will be no less humid but at least I can control the temp!

  4. I caught a break tonight. Since I still have a job, I wasn’t at home to watch his orangest ass on TV. If I had been at home, I might have been tempted to do a play by play of his TelePrompTer reading lesson.

  5. In regards to the “very fine people” comment, and similar ones, such as anonymous WH aides saying that Trump is “a really nice guy”, etc. That can always be true, when one disregards the not-nice aspects of a person’s personality. Most bigots, racists, etc. are, if you strip away the whole racist parts, “rather nice people”. The average person is just an average person. But that does not diminish their bad aspects. The average human being on earth just basically wants to live and be comfortable and happy, regardless of ideologies and stuff. Most serial killers and kidnappers that enslave people have neighbors and co-workers who always seem to say the same thing, “He was such a nice guy. I never expected he was doing something so horrible.”

    Unless you have a psycho living in a cave, collecting women’s shoes, and shouting profanities at pinecones, the average dangerous psycho appears to be a “nice guy”.

    So, Mr. trump, trump supporters, and racists across the board, take your “nice people on all sides” bullshit and shove it up your asses.

    Ted Bundy was a “nice guy”, except when he wasn’t.

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