Daily Gnuz

Well, such as it is and were, here’s the Gnuz o’ the day…

Trump ramps up war in Afghanistan, rejects timetables
H/T The Hill
Looks like the Generals are now pretty much in charge. Afquagistan will continue to furnish the body bags and no timetable means until we have regime change…Sheeesh.


Trump’s Arizona Trip Kicks Off Ugly GOP Senate Primary Season
Ugly is the keyword in this phrase and story


10 American sailors missing after USS John S. McCain collides with tanker
H/T Vox
What the hell is wrong with our Navy? This is the second major collision with a civilian vessel in the last two months. Got navigation competency?

Open Thread, enjoy one curse at a time
RUCerious @ TPZoo

4 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Per the collision: I’m wondering if the “Trump Effect” has these captains convinced they are the unchallengeable Lords of the Sea, so that they are disregarding the laws of right-of-way.

  2. Hey, gang. Is Wayne out there? I just had a wonderful idea for a song parody (This is a bit weird because it’s a song by Spinal Tap which is a parody of a rock band so it’s really a parody of a parody and… I’m going to stop because my mind is descending into madness.) and it’s about rightwhiners aka “vile people”.

    The group? Spinal Tap.
    The Song? Not quite sure about the title. It might be “Listen”. It might be “Listen to What the Flower People Say” or just “Listen to the Flower People”. No matter. I have the first two lines but now I’m stuck and lacking inspiration. Here’s how the new version begins.

    To what the vile people say

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

    They’re more vile every day

    Here’s the link to the song in question.

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