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Odds of government shutdown rise after Trump threat
H/T The Hill
Blame game again! It seems as though the only tactic the prezidunce knows is bullying. Perhaps he might take another look at Teddy Roosevelt’s description of the ‘bully pulpit’ and realize it isn’t actually about bullying…but then he’d actually have to read something, so,…never mind…


Agitated Trump lashes out at McConnell, Ryan, Clapper, media
H/T Politico
He’s losing it. Salient quote
“The morning missives come just two days after Trump told the crowd at a Phoenix campaign rally, “I don’t do Twitter-storms.””
Or, more aptly, has LOST it. If he ever actually HAD it. Onset of dementia…???


More Alt-right Terrorism
H/T Raw Story

Open Thread, enjoy one nightmarish episode at a time
RUCerious @ TPZoo


27 thoughts on “Daily Gnudez

  1. In my line of work, we have what’s called the “paycheck continuation program”.
    The same should apply to shutting down the government.
    You guys throw the switch, we turn off the money and withhold payment until the lights go back on again.

  2. Shape shifting reptilian overlords for president.
    Did anyone listen to me?

    • Do you think we could distract them by releasing legions of flies and crickets? I mean lizard people and all….

    • After a brief ponder, an idea:

      Rename the Republican Party; change the ‘ub’ to ‘ti’ and there it is, the Reptilican Party! So simple, but redefinition accurate and complete!

    • We need dragons. Seriously, every time I see a pickup with a confederate flag waving in the bed, I will I could just vaporize the flag and leave an empty burnt stick.

  3. How is this not the definition of terrorism? Threatening violence in order to achieve a political agenda is the very definition of terrorism. Note that his argument is not that there are no grounds, his argument is a straight up threat: “Don’t do that or there will be violence (on many sides, many sides), and politicians who do this will have their lives targeted” is the essence of what he said. It is actually what he said. It is a terroristic threat. Couching it as “a prediction” is yet another huge pile of horse shit from another drumph supporter. Sad.


    “One of Donald Trump’s closest advisers has warned a bloody civil war would erupt if the US President was impeached.

    Roger Stone predicted “an insurrection like you’ve never seen” if politicians sought to remove the US leader from the White House and claimed any politician who voted to topple him “would be endangering their own life”….

    …But Mr Stone, a long-time Trump confidant and former official in Richard Nixon’s administration, suggested impeachment proceedings would lead to an armed uprising among the President’s supporters.

    (don’t know if the link is right. Not my forte.)

    • Dollars to donuts related to the activities on the ‘dossier’ tapes from Russia.

    • I weep for our country and I’m glad I don’t have kids.
      He has just made a mockery of our justice system and…oh fuck it.
      It’s like putting out a fire with gasoline.

    • Kept the paranoid white women safe from the uppity brown boys out to ravage them??

    • This pardon is so wrong on so many levels. Worst act yet by the loathsome president.

    • 😦

      What’s next? Pardoning any every white cop convicted of killing/shooting/beating a minority?

      • I thought pardons were an 11th hour cliffhanger the president played close to his chest and even then, very carefully.
        That was plain reckless and inflammatory.

      • He doesn’t have to do that. Every local DA that depends on the LEO to make his cases so he keeps HIS job handles that.

  4. I wonder why the orange shit-gibbon is staying at Camp David? It can’t be to save taxpayers’ money so I suspect its about security. Could staying at one of his properties expose him to danger?

    • The secret service probably can’t stand his properties and they feel much better about Camp David because they are familiar with it.

  5. Trump’s all-time-fave Confed Generals are, clearly, Bobby Lee and Tommy Jon Jackson (aka ‘Stonewall’). I’d heard of Stonewall, of course, but never knew anything about him beyond his nickname. Till today. Now I know everything, thanks to this:

    Who in the hell was Stonewall Jackson?! Everything you were afraid to ask about this once-again important person

    Tommy Jon and Bobby Lee. Generals. Statues. Traitors. Yeehaw.

    I know. My bad. Oh well.

  6. Trump officials are engaging in a circular ass-kissing presentation over their ‘amazing’ response to the hurricane. After Katrina, no administration will do as bad as Bush did, and the Obama Administration is to be thanked for FEMA being as organized as it now is. I seem to recall Obama appointing a Florida Republican head of the agency because he had the experience of emergency management in many storms.

  7. I’m curious how long it’s going to be before the Trump administration puts work requirements on aid for hurricane victims.

  8. Sigh… I long for those days, not so long ago, when a decisive President would have been personally coordinating an emergency response like this country has never seen. Taking names, kicking asses, and managing to reassure everyone that the full faith and power of the U.S. government was being mobilized as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. I hope I’m wrong but the narrative will probably be “Obama handed us a mess” and “local and private relief efforts have dropped the ball”. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it with a confidence approaching certainty.

    And, while I’m hoping for things, I hope the rescuers find the strength to keep getting people to high ground. Everything else can be rebuilt.

    G,night, all.

  9. After reading about areas of Houston with heavy petroleum odors it wouldn’t surprise me if the refineries left as much toxic waste out where the flood waters would wash them away on purpose.

  10. Well, I just got my nine year anniversary notice from WordPress, so today must be Zooniversary!

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