Daily Gnuz – late edition

Flooding in Houston, and Nero fiddles with braggadocio regarding his electoral prowess in the Show Me State, the size of his tiny hands and other bullshit trivia.
Class act. Not so much. More like Class Pennywise the Clown.

Trump Brags about Storm Size; Tweets About Wall/Book Recs While Texans Beg To Be Rescued
H/T Daily Kos
Trump: Texas will get ‘every asset under my command’
H/T The Hill
And, someday, your prince will come…


5 Points On The Moscow Deal Trump And Co. Pursued During The Campaign
The plot thickens like fried chicken gravy. Hopefully the fried chicken’s name is Drumpf.


Still Stranded: Surrounded By 12 Feet Of Water, She’s Turning To Facebook For Help
Hello, Mr. Prezidunce. Still don’t really need that pesky deep state FEMA gummint, do you?

Open effing thread for Tuesday
RUCerious @TPZoo

5 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz – late edition

  1. Fascinating how seldom one hears the words “climate change” in re Harvey. Wonder why that is? Aren’t cause-effect discussions useful to help direct future practice and planning?

    In other news, Ding Dong-un and Num Dong-don are at it again, and “all options are on the table” — except anything sensible, of course.

  2. Given the incessant stream of new information about Drumph’s ties to Russia, I have to seriously wonder if we shouldn’t have a Congressional investigation into whether drumph has any ties to America.

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