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Welcome to the Day of Thor, and here’s the Gnuzes…

A federal judge just blocked Texas’s attempt to punish “sanctuary cities”
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A bit of bright gnuz amidst the rash of negative energy going around…


The reality beneath Trump’s tax reform talk
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Ah, yes the old ‘trickle down’ bullshit from Ronnie Raygun resurfaces. This is where the one percent get to piss all over everyone else, and we pretend it creates jobs and shit as their urine drips all over us.


‘We only kill black people’: Georgia cop caught on video reassuring nervous white woman during traffic stop
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Well, at least he’s telling it like it is….And the alt/idiots deny that institutional racism isn’t still a real factor in this country???

Open Thread, hang in there, only one day left till the weekend. I’ve renamed Thor’s day to ‘AlmostFriday’.

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21 thoughts on “Daily Gnuzes

  1. I read that explosions were observed at that chemical plant that lost cooling capability near Houston. I wonder if there will be more.

  2. Trump’s tax reform ideas are so cool. They’re a reflection of what every corporation, every working individual, always and invariably does when faced with rising debt, rising prices and costs: Reduce Income Appropriately! Cut prices! Cut all wages! Then buy less! Stop investing! Works every time, always. Makes Amurkkka Great Again!

    It’s so simple.

  3. Not mine, but too good not to share:
    “Trump did not not invent Birtherism.
    “The border wall was not Trump’s idea.
    “Trump did not invent the myth of the welfare queen.
    “Trump was not the source of the nonsensical position that the solution to gun violence is more guns.
    “Trump was a late arrival to the idea that climate change is a hoax.
    “It was not Trump who claimed that the Affordable Care Act would create a death panel to kill your grandmother.
    “Trump did not try to pass ‘religious freedom’ laws to codify bigotry in our laws.
    “Trump did not write the ‘torture memos’ that made the U.S. a confirmed human rights abuser. Nor did he go on television and tell the world that torture is an effective form of interrogation.
    “It feels as if there is a group of doctrinaire Republicans sheltering in a bunker somewhere, reading Edmund Burke under a portrait of Calvin Coolidge and telling themselves that this is not their party.
    “It is. And Trump did not create it, he just recognized how far a complete lack of integrity will take a man in the Republican Party of our generation.”

  4. We knew the prezidunce is an idiot.
    What we may have underestimated is his gullibility.
    WH budget director boasts of tricking Trump into slashing disability benefits by calling it ‘welfare’
    short version:
    Earlier this year, Mulvaney tried to get Trump to agree to cuts in Social Security and Medicare, but the president wouldn’t budge. Then he brought up disabilities benefits, which piqued Trump’s interest.
    “Tell me about that,” Trump said.
    “It’s welfare,” Mulvaney said.
    “OK, we can fix welfare,” Trump declared.


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