Adversaries? Brüder?

Today’s news media is frenzied as it tries to analyze the current tensions twixt us and N.K. From channel to channel, paper to paper, story to story, the words flow and speculation mounts. What does it all mean? What’s it all come down to? Or, can a picture sometimes be worth even more than a thousand words?

Ding Dong Un and Num Dong Don

Ding Dong Un and Num Dong Don

Same color suit, same color shirt, similar grin, similar ‘orange’ skin tint, both are bullies . . . only thing I’m not sure of is which one has the worst hairdo . . . or the smallest hands.

Rough world, this one.

I know. My bad. Sometimes I jes cain’t hep it.

8 thoughts on “Adversaries? Brüder?

  1. One of the local TV weather persons reporting of Irma said there was some good news in that Irma’s growth to Cat 4 and path of travel have followed the forecast model. Then the viewers were told that the bad news is that the forecast model shows the hurricane turning north heading our way.

  2. I think all of this sabre rattling is a distraction to keep our attention away from something else more serious and immediate. Something’s on the wind and it ain’t North Korea.
    North Korea wants to be a world player but can’t be due to their economic model.
    They have nothing to offer so they are trying to flex what is in reality very little muscle.
    Any nuclear action by funny haircut kid will result in his country being wiped out.
    He doesn’t have the long term staying power to keep up a fight for very long.
    China is distancing themselves from him because they have too much invested in trade with the US to lose over a petulant punk.
    China doesn’t want mass refugees, which will happen if there is any action.
    China has their own problems and they don’t want more.
    NK isn’t that much of a customer for China to risk the billions in trade globally that it would lose.
    We need to ask what’s really happening globally that has long term impact financially.
    The middle east hasn’t just gone silent. Shit is still more real over there than it has ever been.
    Mining companies want into Afghanistan for mineral resources on the long term.
    I suspect we are repeating history with the alphabet agencies importing the heroin to fund black operations that are on the upswing.
    Oil is still big business and always will be at least for as long as I’m alive and I’m well past the half way point.

  3. Oddservational question:

    Is it just me, or is it a FACT that Trump’s SOLE PURPOSE as POTUS (Piece Of Totally Useless Shit) is to DESTROY every single shred of Obama’s 8 yr legacy? And if that’s the case, is it because his subliminal driving motivation is the RACISM taught to him by his racist father, Fred Trump?

    If I’m wrong, what am I missing (other than Fox News, of course)?

    • I don’t think you’re wrong, and you’re not the only one who says the same thing.

      Hair Fuhrer wants to tear down any accomplishments made by a half-black man who will always be infinitely more popular and beloved than The Biggest Loser pResident. I think it’s a combination of racism and jealousy/envy.

      • “Jealousy” — yes indeed. Trump is OBVIOUSLY an egomaniacal narcissist, and as such he’s bound to be jealous of ANYONE who looks (and acts) better than he does. Add to that his racist proclivities and I think defining him becomes infinitely simple.

  4. A rare piece of good news in re Harvey:

    My daughter and her (immigrant from Mexico!) husband live in suburban Houston, north of Bush airport. They were in Hawaii celebrating their tenth anniversary when Harvey struck, and were delayed in their return by almost a week because of Harvey and cancelled flights. They finally got back on Sunday, having flown to San Francisco and then to Dallas, then driven back to Houston by her hubby’s brother. When they got home, the only flood damage was to their pickup truck they had left at the airport the day they flew to Honolulu. Their house was untouched (other homes less than a mile away were flooded and horribly damaged); their business shop also had remained dry, no damage. As she put it, “we were SO LUCKY!”.

    So, even with Num Dong Don in the Oval Office, there can still be, on occasion, some really good news!

    Hoping that those in the path of Irma can be equally lucky.

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